Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Rainy Day in Michigan

Alright, I promised a real post, and since I know your all just chomping at the bit for a real post (who am I kidding? Only myself, ha ha).

I've seriously been so crazy busy lately, at work, at home, everything, I feel like I never sit down, which is a good thing. If I'm not sitting, I'm not eating, haha.

On Friday Night, I went and picked strawberries after work, and I managed to pick about another 16lbs. Then I came home, ate, cleaned all the berries, took Duke on a walk (about an hour) and then came home, showered and hit the sack.

Saturday I got up early and went rollerblading, and then came home and got stuff ready to do more Jam with my berries. Then I helped a guy from work load up a truck full of patio stones that I had I wanted to get rid of, and then I made Jam. After the Jam I went over to my parents and worked in my garden for a couple hours. I think I overheated myself doing that, so when I got home, I just laid on the couch for a bit to cool down. After that, dinner, went to check out some flowers at the local greenhouse and get a slurpee, and home and to bed :)

Sunday, I got up early again, took the dog on a long walk (70 minutes) and then went to pick more berries (just enough to eat for the week), ran to get flowers, get my truck washed, to the grocery store and back home. Then over to my parents to get the flowers planted for my dad for fathers day and to water my garden. Then back home to do laundry and that kind of stuff. Later on dinner with dad and the family for fathers day and some relaxing :)

Last night was an off night for my activity, so I got home and made some dinner, and I just did some much needed yardwork. Darn weeds were overtaking my landscaping.

I did manage to get some new Rollerblades last night. I got the Rollerblade Marathon Carbon W's. They are absolutely awesome, I tried them on last night, but I don't know if I can justify the money I spent on them. I seriously haven't had a new pair of skates in 12 years, and I use them a ton, so I know I deserve them, but I have a hard time justifying the money. So they are sitting on the table, and I'm trying to decide whether I am going to keep them or not. I really want to skate an inline Marathon, and these would make that totally possible.

Other than that, nothing really new. I'm hoping for a good loss this week, but I'm still feeling rather bloated from TOM, so I don't know. I'm getting down about not losing weight. If I don't lose in the next couple weeks, I might try the Wendi Plan to try to "bust the plateau". We'll see. But I've had a great eating week, and my activity has been on par with what I planned, so I'm hoping.

I hope everyone is doing great, and having a fabulous day. Thanks so much for all your kinda, and encouraging comments :)

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