Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What you Believe

Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to
what they think they can do.
You can go as far as you mind lets you.
What you believe, you can achieve.
-Mary Kay Ash

Sorry for the lack of posting the last couple days, I've been battling the cold, and feeling rather run down. Amazing what one night of being out late (when your totally not used to it), and compound that by having a cold will do to one person.

I did make it to the gym last night, even though I didn't feel like going, I wanted to reach my goal for gym time this month, and I had to hit the gym at least 2 more times. So 1 down, 1 to go! I am planning on going Thursday right after work also. It was hard (I hate running when I have a cold), but I made it, and I actually think I feel a bit better today...perhaps I sweated a bit of it out.

I've been doing good OP, and have been staying within my points. I have begun counting my morning oatmeal as 4 points, instead of the 3 I was counting it as (since the ingrdients I mix in bring it up to 4 when totaled, but not individually). I also like having Yogurt with a couple different types of cereal, and I used to use a zero point cereal, plus Kashi, but now I count them as combined. So overall, I'm eating a bit less food...but I think I'm being better "on plan". So we'll see if the scale will show that come Sunday.

I found a new food I love (please don't laugh lol), Sweet Potatoes! I don't know all these years what my aversion to them had been. I think my mom must have forced me to eat them when I was a kid, and I hate them, so I never tried them again. Well I tried one the other day, and I love it. Which is great, because it's more of a good carb than regular potatoes healthier. Always looking for that better option!

Also, kinda had a NSV the other day. I came across a pair of jeans I used to wear in HS, and I tried them on, and they fit. I mean not great, but I could button them, and move around in them. I was so happy!

Other than that, nothing exciting going on.

Back to work I go, but have a healthy and happy day bloggers.

Monday, February 25, 2008


"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference
between mediocrity and accomplishment."
~Norman Peale

Hey Everyone! I'm still alive, I promise! I had a pretty good, and OP weekend.

Friday night, I wasn't feeling real hot, so we went grocery shopping and then came home and I made it into bed at a decent hour. Saturday was the day of the bachelorette party, which went well. I woke up not feeling too hot, but went to the gym to get some AP's in, and then just puttered around the house. I made myself a nice sized dinner (very filling) before going to the party, and I pre-measured my alcohol and mixed it with diet pop, so that I would know what I was drinking, points-wise.

I think overall the bachelorette party was an OP success for me. I managed to avoid all the good "snack foods", which did include major temptations for me, including chips and dip, 7 layer mexican dip, crackers and cheese and of course candy. But I avoided it all, and I stuck to my vegetable tray only deal with myself (otherwise known as, anything on the vegetable tray is free!). I had one shrimp, but no cocktail sauce or anything. I did get into the Jell-o shots, they were small, but granted, I'm sure the points added up. When I left the house for the evening, I had 9 points left for the day, and I might have had 6-9 jello shots, and I didn't drink anything the rest of the night (including what I brought with me), so I'm pretty sure I stayed within my points.

I managed to get through the night, and I got home about 330-4a, which is LATE for me. Well I got home, and of course I was hungry, and I didn't make the best choice. I decided to have an english muffins with peanut butter. Well I didn't spoon the peanut butter onto the english muffin in a controlled portion, instead, just took the jar to the couch. I didn't do bad, I honestly didn't put PB adds up. Then after that I ate some All Bran Crackers with it. Could have been much much worse...but I could've been wiser about the situation too. Coming home exhausted and half-hungover isn't a good excuse.

That being said, weigh in was mediocre yesterday. I was hoping for more, but I have a couple reasons why it wasn't good. One, the obvious drinking, etc the night before. Two, TOM had made it's way along yet, so I was still holding onto water. So I'm hoping for a good next week weigh in.

March will prove to be difficult for me. Rehearsal dinner, wedding and easter all in the same month. But I will factor that in when I make my goals for the month. No Big Deal, that is life right?

Yesterday was good, and OP, and today I feel in control too, although still battling a cold, which got worse (as one would expect after a late night out).

Quick question, I've been counting my morning oatmeal as 3 points, but when the ingredients are added together, it really should be 4, should I count the ingredients separately, or add them together? The only main thing I'm adding is canned pumpkin, which is zero points. So what do you guys think?

Alright, I'm gonna get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


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I just had to post this picture of Duke. It was when he came home from the vet on Monday evening, they had his whole head and the ear that he had the procedure done on wrapped in an ace bandage, and the other ear hanging out, he looks so funny, but I felt so bad for him!

And here he is today, enjoying the sunshine which we don't see much of this time of year! He's feeling much better.

And then there is the Chase. He's really only cute when he's sleeping (just kidding). As you can see. He's not spoiled at all.

These are the pictures I've been promising of the dog bone sugar cookies I made for Duke's Birthday! Only my second attempt at decorated sugar cookies.

And then these are the cookies that I made for my brother's fiance's wedding shower a couple of weeks ago. They turned out pretty cute, and they were my first attempt at decorated sugar cookies!

Alright, hopefully I didn't bore you guys with pictures :)

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Weigh In

I lost .4lbs this week. I will talk tomorrow about why this doesn't really make me upset...until then, I'm going to go lay on the couch, where I intend to be all day.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Many people believe that support is something that you give to
someone you feel sorry for or that it means propping up someone who
would fail unless you were there to give him a boost. But that's not
the way I see it. Support is the boost you can give someone who can
help himself but who needs a partner to open a window or push aside a

-- Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's

I seen this quote and I had to post it, even though it's a little on the long side! Who would've thought that the founder of Wendy's (and probably the reason some of us are trying to lose weight!) would have had such a great insight. I think this quote is all about why we are here everyday, helping each other, pushing each other, and being there for each other.

Sorry it's been a couple days since my last post. I've been fighting this half-cold. Somedays I feel great, and other days, not so much. Today I'm actually not feeling bad. BUT! On a high note, I did make it to the gym both Wednesday and Thursday, despite not feeling real hot (I think it made me feel better actually.). And I plan on also getting to the gym on Saturday, which will make it four times this week.

I've been OP all week, and I haven't used any flexies. I should see a loss this week, hopefully a nice one? But, I do have a Bachelorette Party Saturday night, which will involve some drinking (some, that might be an understatement) right before weigh in, so it might affect it...blah. Oh well. I will see a good loss the next week, if I don't see it this one.

The Bachelorette Party will be a challenge, but I plan on pre-planning for it, and staying OP. I am going to put in a longer gym session on Saturday morning to earn some extra activity points to drink that night, plus I am going to make sure to eat light all day in order to save some points. Plus, I am bringing pre-mixed drinks with diet soda to drink in the limo. And I've googled mixed drinks to pick the lowest point ones to drink, which look like Bloody Mary's, Screwdrivers and a Mojito. So I will be picking from those, or beer while at the bar. So I'm prepared, go me!

Other than that, I don't have much planned for the weekend. Grocery Shopping and relaxing tonight, and then trying to get a bunch of chores done on Saturday since I doubt I will feel like doing them on Sunday, since I like never go out, and haven't really drank since starting weight watchers over a year ago.

Update on Duke! He's doing well, his ear is looking better and better everyday. He is on a high dose of steroids right now, and it's wrecking havoc on his poor little system. He's drinking like two bowls of water a day, and having to go out to the bathroom just as much. The does is cutting back now, and it seems to be getting better. But he's finally acting like his good ol' self again for the most part. Also, since I've had Duke he's had chronic skin problems, dry skin, hot spots, etc. Well they ran some tests last time he was in, and it turns out he has low thyroid problems, so with some meds that can be fixed, and the vet said the chronic skin problems should disappear, so I am so excited for him! I've always felt so bad he is so itchy!

Alright back to work for me, but I hope everyone is staying healthy and OP, will report back with my weigh in on Sunday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Little Refresher

Figured I would update the blog a little for the upcoming St. Patty's Holiday! I also update my weight tracker for my WW's goal. I had it set for my personal goal, but I'm worrying about the 145lbs goal right now. So there we have it.

Also, I think I jinxed myself saying this cold was going no where....I'm all achy now....dammit. Blanket and couch here I come.

This is Courage.

"This is courage in a man: to bear unflinchingly what heaven sends."

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, I just realized this morning it had been since late last week since I made an actual post. Life has been a little crazy, so let me update you.

Friday Duke went in for the lump on his ear. They said it was just a sebaceous cyst, and they drained it. No big deal. Well Saturday morning I realize that the cyst has once again filled up, so I called to see what they wanted me to do. They said just to put warm compresses on it, and up his antibiotics, and if it wasn't gone by Monday, that I needed to bring him in. Well Sunday it started to get progressively worse, to the point where his ear was huge, and very swollen. So I call the vet (who luckily is a friend of my Dad's), and ask her what to do. She tells me it won't explode, or anything like that, just to restrict his activity, and bring him in first thing Monday morning. So I did. And it ended up being a hematoma (I don't know how to spell it), and they had to shave his complete ear and do surgery on it. So the poor guy is miserable, and I feel terribly for him. But he's fixed at least. But today is his birthday, so he's miserable for his birthday, Happy 5th Birthday Duke!

That has mainly been my excitement since Friday. This weekend I did some baking. I made Dog Bone Cookies for Duke's Birthday (I'll post some pictures!), and I made some Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal bread, which turned out very good. I went grocery shopping Friday night, and I hit the gym on Sunday.

I'm still kind of fighting this half cold that I have, but it's not really getting better, but not getting worse I guess that is good?

I plan on getting to the gym tonight, Thursday and Saturday. I'm going to hit my goal for the gym this month! yes!

I decided to stop tracking using sparkpeople for the time being, and just use Weight Watchers. I've been using both, and it's just getting a bit redundant. When I initially started using sparkpeople my carbs were very out of wack, and I wasn't getting in my 8 GHG's, but now that I'm doing that, its amazing that my carbs have come back into check. So for the time being I'm just going to be using weight watchers. Maybe in a couple months I will do both for a month as a refresher, we all know how we can get off track.

Alright I really gotta get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weigh In

Well I was up 1.4lbs this week. Completely normal TOM gain, no biggie!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Short post today....because I feel like big ol' crapola. All these sick people at work kept coughing around me, and I think it finally caught up with me, ah crap.

Yesterday night I made it to the gym, so I got three times in this week. I think I'm over half done with my gym time for the month, which is good.

It was a good and OP day yesterday, and today has been good too.

No real exciting plans for the weekend, I'm now thinking that the couch and I will have some catch up time. Weigh In will be Sunday, even though I will see a TOM gain. Oh Well.

Hope you all have great weekends, stay healthy and OP!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

a little bit of love...

"Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be."
-Anton Chekhov

Well I figured we could use a little departure from the normal quote on this valentines day! So enjoy!

Nothing really new to report, got to the gym last night to bust my booty, and I plan on hitting it again tonight so I can take tomorrow night off in order to go grocery shopping and relax a bit. Stayed OP yesterday, and today is looking good also. A little bummed I won't see a loss this week since TOM is around the corner, but whatever, in due time, all this hard work will show on the scale.

I hate Valentines Day, but wanted to swing buy and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone is doing great, and stay OP even with all the temptations that Valentines bring!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What you want...

You have to know what you want to get.
Gertrude Stein

This quote is so so true. Don't you always seem to be able to accomplish more, and get where your going when you know where you want to go? Heck, I know I do. I know I accomplish more when I have a reasonable goal set too, and I don't feel like it's something I can never obtain. So set a goal, a goal you can stick too, and get to it!

It has been a good couple of days OP. I managed to get to the gym on Monday and get in my 25 minute interval training. I was going to go last night, but my ankle/foot was bothering me a bit from my incident last week, and it was really nasty out with the snow, so I just decided to go tonight, which is fine. So I'm looking forward to that. Yes, I did just say that, I am looking forward to going to the gym. See, I used to hate the gym, I despised going, and even more, I despised running, but somehow in the course of the last couple months, I've actually kind of grown to like it most days. I just feel better when I go. I like getting all sweaty, I think it helps relieve stress. plus it gets me out of the house. And what would I honestly be doing for that hour that I am at the gym? Nothing, that's what. I would be laying on the couch, watching the news. So I'm much more productive this way.

Food-wise things have been good, I really haven't used any flex points. I have been doing my unaccounted for nibbling of carrots, but I'm not too concerned. Can carrots really add up to 35 points a week Flex? I would be sick if I ate enough to add up that much I think.

I made some Snickerdoodle Muffins last night (to die for, and not healthy!), and I did splurge and have one, but I counted it. I had less than half of an actual baked one, and I accounted the licks I had as the rest of the muffin (4 points for a whole one). So I did well there. They were crazy good, and the guys here at work DEVOURED them, they were gone by 845! So a hit for sure!

Things at home have been going well, the roommate still hasn't given me a date she is planning to move out, but she has 78 more days. She has been looking but nothing seems to make her happy enough to want to move there. But I suppose moving from a house in a nice sub with your own garage space (and built in maid and cook) to an apartment complex isn't really going to be easy. Eventually she might just have to settle. But things have been fine between us, seems as though i can tolerate it better knowing an end is in sight!

On another note, My poor puppy has a growth on his ear I am awful worried about. I noticed it awhile back, and I felt it, and took a mental note to keep an eye on it, and I did for awhile, and it hadn't gotten bigger, so I wasn't too worried. Well I noticed it again this week, and it's gotten a little bigger, which worries me. I was suppose to take him in this morning, but the roads are miserable, and the only vet I trust for the big stuff is 45 minutes away. So I am taking him in on Friday, fingers crossed that it's just a cyst or something. Poor guy.

Alright well busy, busy gotta get back to work. But I hope everyone is having a wonderful and healthy OP day!

Monday, February 11, 2008


"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything: "I will try" has
accomplished wonders.
-- George P. Burnham

I apologize for the lack of a weigh in post yesterday. I had a wedding shower yesterday afternoon and needless to say, I was on the go until late afternoon, and after than, I just crashed.

I was up .4 of a pound this week. I'm not really that upset about it. Why you ask? Well one, I had a couple times where I wasn't so great last week. Not like I ate a dozen doughtnuts and two pieces of cake bad, but just not tracking as closely as I should. Plus on top of that, Saturday I didn't drink any water, and Iwent to the gym (which amazingly seems to make me weigh more the next day...go figure). So .4lbs....not a big deal. Unfortunately, next week is my TOM weigh in. So I won't be seeing a loss next week....bummer!

I've decide the weigh in after that, I am going to weigh in Saturday instead of Sunday, because that Saturday night is the Bachelorette Party for my brothers Fiance, and while I don't intend to be bad, add a couple of drinks, and the dehydration that goes along with that, and I'm sure it would "screw up" my weigh in, so i will weigh a day early to avoid that. Fun huh? It's going to be a busy month.

The shower was a complete success, and also a huge NSV for me. I stuck to my plan and only touched the veggie tray. I ate quite a few carrots and cauliflower, but after all the shit I avoided, good lord! Like all my temptations were there, and I didn't touch any of them! We had a taco bar (me and mexican, we were great friends pre-WW's), plus I made two cheesecakes (yum!) and grandma brought a german chocolate cake (My favorite, I used to get one every year on my Birthday!). So I avoided a ton of stuff that could have been disastrous. Sure I liked my fingers once or twice while cutting the cakes, and I stole one tortilla chip (at least it was multigrain!), and I licked my finger while cleaning up the 7 layer dip....but overall. I stayed out of it, and for me, that's awesome!

I did make it to the gym twice this weekend. Friday and Saturday. But my body was two tired after 2 workouts in a row to even think of going Sunday. But the workouts went well, and the 25 minutes (instead of the 20) is kicking my ass a little less each time. That's a good thing. Perhaps more butt dimples will disappear? lol

This week, I am planning to get in three workouts (M,W,F), and I have a feeling it will be a great OP week! Which sucks I won't see a loss this weekend...but I will get over it!

I did bake alot this weekend. I made two lemon cakes (my youngest brothers 21st birthday, so I needed to make him one for home, and one for work), four loaves of bread (two which didn't rise properly, thats why I had to make two more!), one cheesecake, another no bake cheesecake, plus I decorate cookies, which we gave as favors....I'm exhausted. But of all the baking, I stayed out of it...yay!

Alright, well I gotta get back to work...have a healthy day bloggers!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Courage and Strength

Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our
courage and strength.
-- Anonymous

I get daily "positive" quotes in my email everyday, usually they aren't all that inspiring, and I have to do searching for a positive quote for you guys, but today, this one was delivered to my email!

This quote I think really can hit home for anyone. We have all, at one point or another, in our personal lives, or in our weight loss journey's hit hard times. We all have been faced with things that seemed nearly impossible to overcome, but we all have overcome them, haven't we? We just need to find the courage and the strength to get through it. But deep inside all of us, we have it, the drive, the strength, the courage to get through anything.

Yesterday was a....not so good day. I guess it wasn't that bad, but I was just crazy munchy all day! And it was the type of munchy where my stomach was actually growling (like it still is today in fact). I was doing good, I resorted to carrots, which are my safe food. But I made the mistake of getting into the ice cream. I've almost decided I can't keep ice cream (besides single serving cups) in the house, because for some reason, I have a tendency to eat out of the carton. Now by no means did I get completely off track, or eat half the carton, I probably ate like 1.5 cups (which is what I counted for), but still, it wasn't good...6 points in ice cream...geez. But I have plenty of flex left, so I should be ok. Other than that, yesterday went ok.

Today is going fine so far, and I will be out of the house most of the evening between going to the gym, and then helping with the Lenten Fish Fry at church. I volunteered to help clean up the kitchen afterwards (I figured this was safer than making up the dishes or manning the dessert table lol). Then I will probably come home and start icing cookies for my brother's wedding shower on Sunday. I am doing these cute little double heart cookies.

Then Saturday I have alot of little things to do for the shower, get name tags together, bake two cheesecakes, that kinda of stuff. I should definitely be tuckered out from baking after this weekend.

I am planning on getting to the gym tonight, Saturday and Sunday, and that should put me back on track for the month after a few forced skipped workouts due to the gimpy foot. But we'll see how it goes, the workouts I do are rather intensive and sometimes it's very hard to do back to back workouts. But we will see how I feel :)

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, and I will report back with a weigh in on Sunday and maybe a few pictures of my cheesecakes and cookies!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Happiness is more a state of health than of wealth.
Frank Tyger

My good friend Kathy had a post yesterday about her personal goals for her weight loss journey, and essentially talked about how is all boiled down to her being happy. Which isn't this the case with all of us? We all start on this weight loss journey, at one point or another, because we are unhappy with some aspect of our health. Whether it be chronic indigestion (that was me!), hurting joints, not fitting in to clothes, being told we should lose weight for our health, or whatever other reason, we are all in this because we want to be happier people. So isn't this quote right on? Happiness is a state of health.

Things have been going good on this end. Incredibly busy at work, hence the lack of posts.

My foot is getting better. I was actually going to go to the gym as scheduled yesterday, but decided to give myself another day to let my foot heal. It still hurts a small amount today, but I think I will attempt the gym regardless. I think I will be fine. I don't want to fall too behind on my gym goals for the month.

I have been doing pretty decent OP. I've had more "perfect" weeks, but I'm still doing fine. I ate a few flexies last night, but that's what they are there for. I've been getting in my 8GHG's, and I haven't had any "eat my face off" sessions, so I think I'm handling everything pretty well.

Things around the house with the roommate have been surprisingly good. I think we are actually getting along better now that's she's moving out then we have been for over a year now (she's lived with me for almost 3 years). She is actively looking for a place, but hasn't found anything she likes yet, which I never expected her to find something in a month. But at least I know she is looking.

I had a couple NSV's the other day I keep forgetting to mention:

1. I went over to my parents for dinner on Sunday, and of course what does my mom make? One of my favorite meals like ever in this whole world...Barbecue Meatballs, now mind you, back pre-WW's I would have eaten 10 meatballs drenched in sauce, huge serving of mashed taters, plus a roll or two with butter. you know, all the goodies. What did I eat? I had 4 meatballs, with just the sauce that came out of the pot with them, I skipped the mashed potatoes, and had one roll (without butter) and called it good enough. I was not stuffed, but satisfied. Very big NSV.

2. The other one might be TMI, but I'm gonna tell ya, cause I know ya'll done the same thing! Usually when I get out of the shower, my ass kinda looks big. It's never been that big, but I've never been happy with it either. I've always had those "fat dimples" and hated that. Well the other day, I'm getting out of the shower, and for once, I didn't notice fat dimples. My ass actually kinda looked good! Running to blame for this? Probably! But still, major NSV there too!

Alrighty, I gotta get back to work, but I wanted to share :) I hope everyone is staying OP, I know this is the time of year when motivation starts to wane a bit!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Seeking Challenges

"Only by seeking challenges can we hope to find the best in ourselves"
-Robert Rodriguez

Enjoy the quote! I think it's the mantra all of us should follow. If we don't seek out a challenge, they certainly won't fall in our laps. It's like the losing weight, no one will do it for us (unfortunately, wouldn't that be great is someone else could lose our weight for us?). If we want to lose weight, and know that we should, whether it's for health reasons, to be happier or just to look better, we have to go seek out that challenge. We have to decide we are going to do it. So even if your already losing weight, why don't you challenge yourself to something new this week? Try something different!

My weekend was good, and On plan. I probably licked the spoon few too many times baking and tasted a little too much of this or that, but I had no major problems, so I consider it a successful weekend. I made it to the gym on Saturday morning for a 25 minute run, and that felt good, but I will tell you, even adding two more high intervals to my workout really kicked my butt. I felt like I was going to die. But I suppose that is good, since I know I'm working hard enough that way.

On a bad note I kinda rolled my ankle/foot yesterday pretty bad, and I'm hobbling pretty good, so I don't know if I am going to be able to get in my workout tomorrow night. I think I will go any try regardless, but I might have to take it easy if it hurts to run on it. But I don't want to stop going to the gym until it gets better, since I've been so good about going the last two months.

Other than that, not much really new. I am going to be facing a tough week, I have a bridal shower from my brothers fiance this coming weekend, which will be a test of strength. I am limiting myself to being able to only touch the fruit and veggie tray (without dip!). I can eat anything I want on those two trays without counting the points. They are my free food, and as long as I don't get into the other stuff, I simply cannot do that much damage with veggies and fruit right?

Alright I gotta get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a healthy and on plan day!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weigh In 2/3/08

I lost 1.2lbs this week. I'm happy with that, it's my average. yay!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Review of January, Goals for February

Alright! Well happy February everyone. Sorry I've been a little lacking on the posts as of lately, We get really busy at work this season, so I'm actually made to work all day...pssshhhhh, whats up with that.

Well regardless, I wanted to review my January goals, and set some February Goals.

January Goals were:

1. Try to get to the gym three times per week. That means 12 times this month. I can do it. Cardio and Fat burning are my focus.

I got to the gym 12 times. The last time was a short session due to some time stipulations, but I still made it there!

2. Lose 5lbs. I think it's doable, I was on track to do that in December before the wagon tipped over and fell on me.

Well I lost 5.2lbs. So I definately hit this one. Great! Started at 158.6, ended the month at 153.4. I'm very happy with that.

3. Use Spark to track my Carbs, Fat and Protein for the month. I don't expect to do this for every month, but I think every so often I need to have a month of it. This will be one of those.

I used Spark Monday thru Friday, and sometimes Saturday to track my macros. My Sundays are a little crazy, so I usually let that one go. But I used Weight Watchers online tracker at all times. I only had one day where I kinda had some issues.

4. In conjunction with #3, appropriately balance my macros. I have a tendency to eat very carb heavy (perhaps preventing weight loss?).

My macros were pretty balanced. Way better than I am sure they were before. Were they always within the set ranges? Umm, no. But they were close. This month I will work a little harder on that.

And Now, my February Goals:

1. Weight Loss Goal, same as every month, I would like to lose 5lbs. I think it's doable, especially with upping my exercise a bit.

2. Use SparkPeople to track my eating as well as Weight Watchers. I'm going to work even harder on Balancing them out.

3. Get my 8 GHG's in! I've been doing well at this, and I want to keep up on that.

4. Get to the gym 13 times. This is one more time then I did last month. I think that's reasonable, also, I just upped my workouts from 20 to 25 minutes, and by the end of the month I would like to be at 30 minutes.

So there you have it! Goals for February.

First weigh in tomorrow! I'll post it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Winner!

Wanted to post another winner recipe...oh my these turned out good. Totally yummy (and taste sinful!), but only two points. Enjoy!

Banana Crumb Muffins