Monday, February 25, 2008


"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference
between mediocrity and accomplishment."
~Norman Peale

Hey Everyone! I'm still alive, I promise! I had a pretty good, and OP weekend.

Friday night, I wasn't feeling real hot, so we went grocery shopping and then came home and I made it into bed at a decent hour. Saturday was the day of the bachelorette party, which went well. I woke up not feeling too hot, but went to the gym to get some AP's in, and then just puttered around the house. I made myself a nice sized dinner (very filling) before going to the party, and I pre-measured my alcohol and mixed it with diet pop, so that I would know what I was drinking, points-wise.

I think overall the bachelorette party was an OP success for me. I managed to avoid all the good "snack foods", which did include major temptations for me, including chips and dip, 7 layer mexican dip, crackers and cheese and of course candy. But I avoided it all, and I stuck to my vegetable tray only deal with myself (otherwise known as, anything on the vegetable tray is free!). I had one shrimp, but no cocktail sauce or anything. I did get into the Jell-o shots, they were small, but granted, I'm sure the points added up. When I left the house for the evening, I had 9 points left for the day, and I might have had 6-9 jello shots, and I didn't drink anything the rest of the night (including what I brought with me), so I'm pretty sure I stayed within my points.

I managed to get through the night, and I got home about 330-4a, which is LATE for me. Well I got home, and of course I was hungry, and I didn't make the best choice. I decided to have an english muffins with peanut butter. Well I didn't spoon the peanut butter onto the english muffin in a controlled portion, instead, just took the jar to the couch. I didn't do bad, I honestly didn't put PB adds up. Then after that I ate some All Bran Crackers with it. Could have been much much worse...but I could've been wiser about the situation too. Coming home exhausted and half-hungover isn't a good excuse.

That being said, weigh in was mediocre yesterday. I was hoping for more, but I have a couple reasons why it wasn't good. One, the obvious drinking, etc the night before. Two, TOM had made it's way along yet, so I was still holding onto water. So I'm hoping for a good next week weigh in.

March will prove to be difficult for me. Rehearsal dinner, wedding and easter all in the same month. But I will factor that in when I make my goals for the month. No Big Deal, that is life right?

Yesterday was good, and OP, and today I feel in control too, although still battling a cold, which got worse (as one would expect after a late night out).

Quick question, I've been counting my morning oatmeal as 3 points, but when the ingredients are added together, it really should be 4, should I count the ingredients separately, or add them together? The only main thing I'm adding is canned pumpkin, which is zero points. So what do you guys think?

Alright, I'm gonna get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a great day!


Kathy said...

Good job staying OP. I hope I'll be so busy preparing the food for our March wedding that I won't be eating it!

Are you saying that the pumpkin is what is bring the count on the oatmeal from 3 to 4 points?

Fatinah said...

a WW leader would tell you to add them together and take the higher point count - but if you're just adding pumpkin - I wouldn't. Maybe that is why I have pounds to loose!! HAHAHAHAHA

Kathy said...

I agree. If you ate the oatmeal in one bowl and the pumpkin in another, you wouldn't count the pumpkin. It's one of those weird WW things and I wouldn't count the pumpkin if it was me.

noelle said...

sounds like you had a good time without going crazy! Considering all the stuff you could have eaten while you were out, I think too much PB is an OK indulgence all things considered!

march will be hard here since it's hubby's birthday and my birthday too. Hopefully I'm be back at my personal goal by then!

Monica said...

Do you know how many points the jello shots were? I'm curious because I am counting points for myself and my friend, and she had 20 peach jello shots.....that's alot!