Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is Courage.

"This is courage in a man: to bear unflinchingly what heaven sends."

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, I just realized this morning it had been since late last week since I made an actual post. Life has been a little crazy, so let me update you.

Friday Duke went in for the lump on his ear. They said it was just a sebaceous cyst, and they drained it. No big deal. Well Saturday morning I realize that the cyst has once again filled up, so I called to see what they wanted me to do. They said just to put warm compresses on it, and up his antibiotics, and if it wasn't gone by Monday, that I needed to bring him in. Well Sunday it started to get progressively worse, to the point where his ear was huge, and very swollen. So I call the vet (who luckily is a friend of my Dad's), and ask her what to do. She tells me it won't explode, or anything like that, just to restrict his activity, and bring him in first thing Monday morning. So I did. And it ended up being a hematoma (I don't know how to spell it), and they had to shave his complete ear and do surgery on it. So the poor guy is miserable, and I feel terribly for him. But he's fixed at least. But today is his birthday, so he's miserable for his birthday, Happy 5th Birthday Duke!

That has mainly been my excitement since Friday. This weekend I did some baking. I made Dog Bone Cookies for Duke's Birthday (I'll post some pictures!), and I made some Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal bread, which turned out very good. I went grocery shopping Friday night, and I hit the gym on Sunday.

I'm still kind of fighting this half cold that I have, but it's not really getting better, but not getting worse either...so I guess that is good?

I plan on getting to the gym tonight, Thursday and Saturday. I'm going to hit my goal for the gym this month! yes!

I decided to stop tracking using sparkpeople for the time being, and just use Weight Watchers. I've been using both, and it's just getting a bit redundant. When I initially started using sparkpeople my carbs were very out of wack, and I wasn't getting in my 8 GHG's, but now that I'm doing that, its amazing that my carbs have come back into check. So for the time being I'm just going to be using weight watchers. Maybe in a couple months I will do both for a month as a refresher, we all know how we can get off track.

Alright I really gotta get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a great week!


Kathy said...

ah...poor puppy!
I find that I do so much better when I get those fruits, vegetables, and dairies in. I was short on veggies in my food on Saturday and by yesterday, I just felt like I needed to catch up so I made vegetable soup with loads of different vegetables in it and big salads.

jodi said...

sorry to hear about duke's ear problem, sucks when a family pet is suffering and in pain... sounds like he'll be okay though so happy birthday, duke! :o)

Tina said...

You're so cute.. I would have never thought about baking cookies for my doggy. You'll have to send that recipe my way. Happy B-Day Duke! Hugs to Duke.. I hope he's feeling better soon! And you too! Rest up girlie. We'll still be here when you're 100%.

ps. I use sparkpeople instead of WW but at the end of the day I enter in my calories, fat & fiber into the calculator to figure out how many points I'm using. I just like seeing the breakdown of everything I put into my body, ya know? But I agree, doing both can get redundant..

HappyBlogChick said...

Poor little baby! I'm glad he's doing better.

Caroline said...

I think I told you about my cat before, but that sounds so much like his experience! They drained his mass at least 3 times (one using surgery) and it always filled back up. I'll have to show you pictures of when he came home. It was AWFUL! I hope your puppy is feeling better! It's so hard when you can't explain why they feel so bad.