Monday, February 4, 2008

Seeking Challenges

"Only by seeking challenges can we hope to find the best in ourselves"
-Robert Rodriguez

Enjoy the quote! I think it's the mantra all of us should follow. If we don't seek out a challenge, they certainly won't fall in our laps. It's like the losing weight, no one will do it for us (unfortunately, wouldn't that be great is someone else could lose our weight for us?). If we want to lose weight, and know that we should, whether it's for health reasons, to be happier or just to look better, we have to go seek out that challenge. We have to decide we are going to do it. So even if your already losing weight, why don't you challenge yourself to something new this week? Try something different!

My weekend was good, and On plan. I probably licked the spoon few too many times baking and tasted a little too much of this or that, but I had no major problems, so I consider it a successful weekend. I made it to the gym on Saturday morning for a 25 minute run, and that felt good, but I will tell you, even adding two more high intervals to my workout really kicked my butt. I felt like I was going to die. But I suppose that is good, since I know I'm working hard enough that way.

On a bad note I kinda rolled my ankle/foot yesterday pretty bad, and I'm hobbling pretty good, so I don't know if I am going to be able to get in my workout tomorrow night. I think I will go any try regardless, but I might have to take it easy if it hurts to run on it. But I don't want to stop going to the gym until it gets better, since I've been so good about going the last two months.

Other than that, not much really new. I am going to be facing a tough week, I have a bridal shower from my brothers fiance this coming weekend, which will be a test of strength. I am limiting myself to being able to only touch the fruit and veggie tray (without dip!). I can eat anything I want on those two trays without counting the points. They are my free food, and as long as I don't get into the other stuff, I simply cannot do that much damage with veggies and fruit right?

Alright I gotta get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a healthy and on plan day!


Kathy said...

Good plan! Hope your ankle improves quickly!

Fatinah said...

I love, love, love that plan! You should have great success with that.

I'm so sorry you rolled your ankle. Don't forget to ice it when you're done your workout. You don't want to do permanent damage.

Lyn said...

That quote today really made me think about ambulance. Sometimes I'm really scared thinking about what I 'could' come across in my job. But if I lived in that fear I would never achieve anything. I have to ignore the fear and push through anyway. And often the thought of what could be is no where near the reality.

With your ankle why don't you talk to someone at the gym and see if they can suggest a workout that doesn't involve using your ankle.

Hope it's on the mend for you soon!!

noelle said...

Good to hear you had a great weekend! Is there going to be something super yummy at the shower that you can have one of? I always go straight to the fruit/veggie platters and pig out too. I can still eat all I want without worrying about overdoing it.