Monday, April 5, 2010

The 6 W's!

"The Six W's: Work will win when wishing won't."
-- Todd Blackledge

Sorry, this attempting to post everyday thing isn't working out quite as I had hoped, but I've been better about posting than I was, so I'll take that.

I really like today's quote, it's true, everything work having comes hard, and it takes work. Wishing we were 20lbs lighter certainly isn't going to help us get there, but working hard towards that goal will.

So how did my easter weekend go? Well besides the "healthy eating" part of it, it went really really well. We had the little one all weekend, so those weekends are always so much fun, I miss him on the weekends that we don't have him. So we enjoyed our weekend.

The eating was way less than stellar, but I'll have to admit, today, I was happy to go back to eating my good food, I missed it. I have a good chance to get on track, and stay on track these next two weeks, and I'm going to take advantage of it. I'm going to work really hard, to make sure I meet (or exceed) my goals this month.

So that leads me to what my goals will be for the month of April. I'm going to keep them pretty simple.

1. I'd like to lose 6lbs. I think it's doable, and if I can manage to melt away 6lbs a month for three months, it will put me at near my goal weight for my first dress fitting. A girl can work towards something right?

2. I'd like to continue my running. I've been struggling a bit the last two runs, they've not been good, and I think I'm needing a week of reducing mileage, so I am going to do it. In the past I would just push through it, then I would end up overtired, overtrained and unmotivated. So I'm gonna take a cut back week, and keep building on that mileage and continue my training plan.

3. I know this sounds kind of general, but I want to have more good days then bad. My months (or the last year) have been a cluster of horrid eating days sprinkled with a good couple days here and there, but I'd really like to start the change this month and get back to heading in the right direction.

So that's it, three simple goals. I think it's totally doable and can be achieved. Also, I'm only going to weigh in at the beginning of may to see the loss. I don't want to get too wrapped up in that number. I'd rather get wrapped up in how I'm feeling, and how my clothes are fitting, not the number on the scale.

Anyways, off to finish watching my very first Tigers game of the Season, which we are currently winning....GO TIGERS!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Impossible...

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible
is by going beyond them into the impossible.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Well I’m wrapping up my first week of being back to blogging, and really really trying to get back on track. How have I done this week? It could have been better certainly, but lately I’ve had weeks that were a whole lot worse, so in retrospect looking back, I did really well, out of 7 days, 5 were on plan, so I will take that for what it is. It’s an improvement from what it has been.

I used to most a motivational quote everyday, kind of as a way to inspire myself, and a way to inspire others, so I decided to start doing that again. Today’s quote I think we’ve all been there, we’ve all pushed through what we thought is possible, and before we know it, we are doing something, or living life in a way in which we never thought was possible. It’s a great feeling when that happens. I remember the first time (as an adult, out of High School) I ran 2 miles in a row without stopping; it was such an awesome feeling. I never dreamed it possible that I could be a runner, but I pushed myself, and I became a runner. And the longest run to date I have run is 8 miles, which seemed so impossible, but it’s not when you push yourself.

It’s kinda of the way I looked at the weight loss thing when I first started it. My roommate and I decided on a whim to start weight watchers in January of 2006. I said, heck, if I can’t do it, I can’t do it, but we’ll see. And two years later, I had went from sedentary, and the higher end of my healthy weight range, to almost 30lbs lighter and running 20 miles a week. It was quite the accomplishment, and I never dreamed I could have done it.

Now here I am today, I often feel like I can’t do this again. But I remember I have before, and I have proved it’s possible. So I know that I can do it, it’s just about finding the motivation to do it again. And I’m slowly but surely finding my motivation again. I know how good I felt, I know how confident and healthy I was, and I want to get back there, and I know I will.

Tomorrow is my weigh in, and truthfully I’m not expecting a whole lot, I haven’t weighed in since the beginning of March, and I had A LOT of bad days between the beginning of March and now. I expect to see a gain of a few pounds at least, but that’s ok, I can handle it. Tomorrow after my weigh in, I’ll be back here to set some goals for the month of April.

I’ve still been running, I ran the 14 miles that I had scheduled this week, and all my runs were great except for today, which, even though it was not a great run was an accomplishment in itself. I was not feeling good towards the end of work, I was tired, I was shaky and I just did not feel like running (In part due to my allergies which become miserable this time of year), but instead of putting my run off, I went out, and I did the miles I had planned on doing. It was slow, and involved stopping and starting, and stopping and walking (which I hardly ever do), but I pushed through and finished the run, even though I did not feel like it. So GO ME!

Anyways, back tomorrow with an updated weight so I can see just how many pounds I have to lose before this wedding ;) Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day!