Friday, August 31, 2007

Weigh In

Going in the right direction again! I was down .6lbs this week. Not much, but I'm happy. Plus bordering on the TOM-infested water weight week. I'll take it.

Alright, thats the update for now, hopefully more later....if not have a great weekend ( I will be painting, oh what fun!)!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Construction sucks!

I know, kind of a vulgar post title, but it does. I'm in sales, and almost 100% of my sales are made over the phone in a business to business aspect. So, this morning, the construction crew that is widening the road in front of my place of employment decided to dig up a phone line. So now like a 10 mile radius of said area is out of phones. So what is a person whose job is to be on the phone to do when there are no phones? Boy it's going to be a long day!

So this morning I see 150 on the scale again, which is great! I had been up, and been seeing the upper 151's and lower 152's. Which was getting darn close to my set "threshold" weight, which was 153. Even nearing that number scares me, so back in check.

I've been trying this Abs Diet thing. I'm not really following their meal plan, but more trying to incorporate their "clean" eating style. They have 12 power foods, and I'm making sure I'm eating those.

The most surprising aspect of the Abs Diet book is they tell you to avoid any food with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in it, and also any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in them. Now when I read this part, and how bad they were for me, I was like "I've been on Weight Watchers for 8 months, how bad can I really be eating?" The answer to that question was surprising. Almost everything I was eating had either one or both of them in it. It was crazy.

So the last two days I've been trying to avoid them both, I went shopping and bought what I could find without them, and there is plenty, you just have to look. Do yourself a favor (and me a favor) and google them both and see what you come up with. After reading through it, tell me your not bothered by it.

So far I see some differences (it seriously just could be mental at this point). I don't feel as hungry, and I have virtually no cravings. I mean none. I can't think of anything particular I want right now. Of course as it is approaching lunch time, I'm thinking about that sandwich I have in the fridge!

But seriously, DEVIL INGREDIENTS: HFCS and hydrogenated oils....stay away from them

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy day!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well the weekend went well. Friday Night I went and joined a gym, and then went grocery shopping.

I decided to join a gym, mainly to get into the habit of going before the weather turns cold, which is when I will need it most. So I am going to try to get there in the meantime three times a week to do cardio, once the winter hits, I want to start some strength training also.

Also a the store on Friday night I picked up the book The Abs Diet. My younger brother who has done this diet and lost weight has been telling me I need to read it, even if I am not going to follow the diet, just read it, because it has a lot of good info about nutritional info in it. And boy does it. I really think everyone should read this book. It's more about eating clean that it is anything else.

all I have to say after reading it, is hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup are like the devil reincarnated, and it's in absolutely everything. I go to my cupboard after reading the book, and I am thinking "I've been eating great for the past 8.5 months I'm SURE there isn't many foods I'm eating that had them in it!". Oh my was I wrong. Everything has it in it. Crazy. Read it, it's worth the read.

So that being said, I got to thinking about health, and how healthy what I'm eating really is. So I started using SparkPeople to track my food and calories. HOLY CARBS! I'm eating way way more carbs than I should, and not nearly enough fat. Protein I should be eating more, but I'm within the range spark people gives me.

So my question to you guys is, how do I cut my carbs, but increase my fat?

Well girls (and guys, I might have a few of those!), I hope you guys had a splendid weekend, and a happy monday!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Weigh In

Well weigh in when as expected, I was up .6 lbs. I knew I was munching too much and needed to get it under control, and I've already taken those measures and I am down from earlier in the week. But it is what it is, a gain.

That's it for me right now, for some reason not in a "bloggy" mood. Busy weekend ahead. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And Day One Went well

First day back on WW's went off without a hitch. It was weird measuring everything again, amazing how routine it was, and now just one month without doing it, it's totally weird feeling again. But had a good day and stayed OP.

Of course, the scale was up this morning (after a good day OP, go figure!), so I'm assuming it's a couple days of my munching catching up with me. But, at least I put a stop to it, and jumped back on that wagon before I gained 10lbs that I would have to lose all over again!

I still haven't decided whether I'm in loss or maintenance mode, haha. Yesterday I ate 2 points over my loss daily points target. Thinking I might revisit the loss mode until I get back to the lower end of the range I set for myself, and then I'll go from there. When I set out to "maintain" I set my range as 147-153, and this morning I weighed in at 152.2. So I'm gonna shoot for the lower end of that range again (150 was where my body was comfortable!). I still would ultimately (eventually) like to get to 137. When that will be, I don't know. But I'm not really in a rush anymore ha ha.

Anyways, thats it for today. I hope everyone is having a healthy, happy and productive day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well I'm Back.

Well I decided last night, after a night of being totally munchie (gotta love this time of year, it's like I'm a squirrel stocking up for winter), that I would go back on Weight Watchers this morning. I haven't really gained any weight, but if I don't take care of the munching that I'm letting take over, I will gain weight, and that, I don't want. So back on the wagon today.

Truth be told, I know it sounds crazy, but I kind of miss the structure of weight watchers now that I wasn't on it for about a month. I crave routine in my daily life, and weight watchers definitely gave me that. So I'm back today! First Weigh In back will be on Friday.

I'm trying to decide if I just want to maintain currently or go back into loss mode. I'm thinking loss mode, but I will decide eventually, I guess it would be nice to try to get closer to where I ultimately would like to be.

Anyways, that's the life changing event for today! I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weigh In

I totally forgot to post my weigh in Friday at work, silly me!

I was down a pound from the week before, so not too bad, I lost what I gained in water weight, and the little gain from the week before that, so I am happy.

I've been busy, busy today. I went and did some running around this morning, and picked up a bag of 5 dozen ears of sweet corn, which I husked them all, and froze the corn for good corn in the winter time. I would love to do another 5 dozen ears (which yielded me 10 quart bags full), but we'll see if it happens.

It's beginning to look like rain here, which I was hoping to get to walk the dog before that happened, but at least I did manage to get in a 30 minute Rollerblade.

My eating has been ok. I've been kinda munchie lately, I don't know what it up with that. I have a tendency to eat when I am bored. It's one of the habits I've been trying to break with keeping busy! I haven't been bored, I guess I've just been hungry. Not necessarily nibbling on bad things, but I want to get it under control for sure, so I'm gonna be working on that.

Also, I've been thinking that I will be ready to switch into loss mode here in another month or so, the break has been nice, but I would like to get a little more weight off before the holiday season, since I know I will probably inevitably put back on a little.

Other than that, nothing terribly new over here in Michigan! I hope everyone is doing great!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Weekend.

Well I was in such a hurry to get up north of Friday, I forgot to post a weigh in! Opps!

I was up a pound, which I'm not sweating because I know it's water weight from TOM, and usually the gain is more of the tune to 1.2 to 2lbs, so it's cool.

I had a fabulous weekend up north, the weather was great, sunny and warm. I got some water skiing in, and some swimming.

The eating, I could've done better, but I certainly could have done a ton worse too. Due to that (and not drinking my water) I was up when I got home. But I was down almost a pound again this morning, so the water weight is coming off.

I made some good Orange-Glazed Cookies I found a recipe for yesterday, and the guys here at work seemed to eat them right up. I'll try to post a recipe later on, they are definitely very summery, and different.

Other than that, everything is going great, and this week, the weather is suppose to be cooler...yay! I hope everyone is having a great day and had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rain, Whats that?

Well it's finally been raining here. For the last couple days, we've had a few good showers, which was much much needed...the hayfield I call my grass is finally beginning to look a little more like grass again, and I believe my lawn company actually had to cut it this week....amazing. Currently it's raining. It's only 70 outside, but due to the humidity it feels all sticky a stuff...yuck.

Food wise this week, I've done pretty well. I've been a tad munchy, but with TOM coming, thats really not a surprise. My weight is up, but still well within my range, but I know this is because of water weight and not a true gain, so I'm cool. Tomorrow I do expect the scale to be up 1 to 2 lbs, which is totally normal.

Tonight I am going to do some baking again. I think my mom uses company coming up north as a way to make me bake for her, haha. She requested that I make Snickerdoodles to bring up north for her to put out, which is fine with me. So I have a batch of those to bake tonight. After baking them, I will be avoiding them like the plague, as they are a favorite of mine, none of them will make it up north if I get started on them....and I will be weighing in like 8lbs heavier next week. I'm also going to make my mom a coconut cream pie. They are her favorite and I've never tried to make one for her, but I'm gonna give it a whirl tonight. Luckily Coconut Cream Pie doesn't appeal to me, so I can bake as many as I want!

But after all that baking, I'm heading up north in the morning again. Its suppose to be a gorgeous weekend and I'm totally looking forward to it. I'm making my family dinner on Friday night up there to avoid them wanting to take me to a buffet again. I'm making them Stuffed Pepper Soup...yum!

Any of the cooks around here, have you ever subscribed to Cooks Illustrated? Used their website? Did you like it? I'm a subscriber to Taste of Home's Simple and Delicious, and I love it, and I'm always looking for new cooking magazines to subscribe to, so I was wondering if anyone used CI, or had any other favorites they used!

Anyways, that is it for today, Weigh In will be posted tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The weekend wrap up..

The weekend went well, but as always it was too short!

I was happy, both Friday and Saturday morning I weighed in at 149.4, which is the lowest I've been in quite some time. I was pleased. This morning was a bit higher, but TOM is approaching, and I did eat a a buffet (sodium, sodium!) on Sunday and I didn't drink my water, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

I love to bake. I always have, and I don't even really like to bake for myself, I would rather make things for other people that they like. Since I'd been on weight watchers, I've been avoiding baking, just because. Well now on maintenance, I decided to give it a whirl again this weekend. Well I went a little overboard, spending all day Saturday in the kitchen. I have some very low calorie snacks I made that I will have to post the recipes too. These included bell pepper/garlic muffins and apple bran muffins. I also made some sweet corn muffins, peanut butter cupcakes (for a guy at works b-day) and some banana bread. Most of it is frozen away in the freezer for safe keeping a portion control.

Also tried making the french toast casserole on sunday morning, and it didn't turn out that well. I need to modify the recipe and get it right before I post it, but I will once I get it to my level of yuminess.

It's still been hot here, but we did finally get some rain yesterday, which was much need, but it lead to a humid day today....yuck!

Other than that, nothing crazy or new going on over here. Heading up north again this coming weekend, and I'm looking forward to that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and a Happy Monday!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Weigh In

Weighed in this morning for a .2lb gain. I'm not too concerned about it, and I will write my first week on maintenance as successful!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Well it's been stinking hot here. I mean like really hot. Yesterday was almost 100. And of course, my electricity went out about 8p. So I packed up the dog, and we headed over to mom and dad's who luckily still had power (and air conditioning!), and we slept over there. Needless to say, I slept like shit, but at least I wasn't hot. The dog is so bad about settling down when he's not in his own bed.

On the Weight front everything has been going good. I feel like I've had a NSV of sorts. I was up north all weekend (not counting points) and I came back and the scale was up, but as soon as I got home and started drinking my water again (I'm terrible about it when I'm away!), the weight came back off, and I'm hovering at 150 again. I'm pleased. I've been eating til I'm full, and snacking when I'm hungry. So far so good.

I think this weekend is going to be kinda laid back, as I am heading north again next weekend. Might do some baking on Sunday. I've been itching to bake. Being I can't really do it for myself anymore, I just love to make things and give them away now. So I haven't decided what I am going to bake, but just decided I am going too.

I did get an awesome recipe for French Toast Casserole that I am going to try Saturday or Sunday. It looks yummy, and it's relatively low calories and fat per serving...yum! If it turns out well, I will definitely post it.

Other than that, I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week!