Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Well it's been stinking hot here. I mean like really hot. Yesterday was almost 100. And of course, my electricity went out about 8p. So I packed up the dog, and we headed over to mom and dad's who luckily still had power (and air conditioning!), and we slept over there. Needless to say, I slept like shit, but at least I wasn't hot. The dog is so bad about settling down when he's not in his own bed.

On the Weight front everything has been going good. I feel like I've had a NSV of sorts. I was up north all weekend (not counting points) and I came back and the scale was up, but as soon as I got home and started drinking my water again (I'm terrible about it when I'm away!), the weight came back off, and I'm hovering at 150 again. I'm pleased. I've been eating til I'm full, and snacking when I'm hungry. So far so good.

I think this weekend is going to be kinda laid back, as I am heading north again next weekend. Might do some baking on Sunday. I've been itching to bake. Being I can't really do it for myself anymore, I just love to make things and give them away now. So I haven't decided what I am going to bake, but just decided I am going too.

I did get an awesome recipe for French Toast Casserole that I am going to try Saturday or Sunday. It looks yummy, and it's relatively low calories and fat per serving...yum! If it turns out well, I will definitely post it.

Other than that, I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy week!


jodi said...

i'm never good at drinking water but have to agree - when i'm away from home, its worse than ever... congrats on the NSV - i was up after this weekend too but being back OP really helps... amazing how things work out in the end... :o)

CaRoLyN said...

Mmmm I do LOVE good french toast! Yumm! Let us know how it turns out! Good luck.
Great job being away from home and being able to basically stay the same. I always find it really hard to drink lots of water while I am away from home too! It's just not in your face all the time so you kind of forget about it.