Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well I'm Back.

Well I decided last night, after a night of being totally munchie (gotta love this time of year, it's like I'm a squirrel stocking up for winter), that I would go back on Weight Watchers this morning. I haven't really gained any weight, but if I don't take care of the munching that I'm letting take over, I will gain weight, and that, I don't want. So back on the wagon today.

Truth be told, I know it sounds crazy, but I kind of miss the structure of weight watchers now that I wasn't on it for about a month. I crave routine in my daily life, and weight watchers definitely gave me that. So I'm back today! First Weigh In back will be on Friday.

I'm trying to decide if I just want to maintain currently or go back into loss mode. I'm thinking loss mode, but I will decide eventually, I guess it would be nice to try to get closer to where I ultimately would like to be.

Anyways, that's the life changing event for today! I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day!


Kathy said...

Everyone in unison...Welcome back, Kate.
Thanks for your suggestions for the buffet on my blog...and I would love the hummus recipe.

Fatinah said...

nothing wrong with wanting structure. If it ain't broke.......having lost and gained the same weight over and over....I'm a huge supporter of doing what it takes to keep that weight off. So you go girl!