Thursday, August 23, 2007

And Day One Went well

First day back on WW's went off without a hitch. It was weird measuring everything again, amazing how routine it was, and now just one month without doing it, it's totally weird feeling again. But had a good day and stayed OP.

Of course, the scale was up this morning (after a good day OP, go figure!), so I'm assuming it's a couple days of my munching catching up with me. But, at least I put a stop to it, and jumped back on that wagon before I gained 10lbs that I would have to lose all over again!

I still haven't decided whether I'm in loss or maintenance mode, haha. Yesterday I ate 2 points over my loss daily points target. Thinking I might revisit the loss mode until I get back to the lower end of the range I set for myself, and then I'll go from there. When I set out to "maintain" I set my range as 147-153, and this morning I weighed in at 152.2. So I'm gonna shoot for the lower end of that range again (150 was where my body was comfortable!). I still would ultimately (eventually) like to get to 137. When that will be, I don't know. But I'm not really in a rush anymore ha ha.

Anyways, thats it for today. I hope everyone is having a healthy, happy and productive day!


Fatinah said...

You brat! Way to go on having your day go without a hitch!
Did you find a bigger change in your portion sizes or your food choices on your first day back? Inquiring minds want to know. Or at least, this one does....

CaRoLyN said...

Hi Kate

Glad you had a great first day back on the ol wagon!
Sounds like we are in roughly the same spot...even weigh the same. I am thinking about going back into loss mode on WW and have decided to get with it. Right now I weigh about 153 but I would eventually like to see between 135-140. I know I will get there eventually, but like you I am in no rush. It will happen when it happens, the important thing is to stay healthy and stay active. Keep it up!!

jodi said...

glad to hear your first day back on WW went well - funny how you take things like measuring for granted... i should probably remeasure my cereal in the morning - might be over 1.5 cups... ;o)