Monday, August 6, 2007

The weekend wrap up..

The weekend went well, but as always it was too short!

I was happy, both Friday and Saturday morning I weighed in at 149.4, which is the lowest I've been in quite some time. I was pleased. This morning was a bit higher, but TOM is approaching, and I did eat a a buffet (sodium, sodium!) on Sunday and I didn't drink my water, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

I love to bake. I always have, and I don't even really like to bake for myself, I would rather make things for other people that they like. Since I'd been on weight watchers, I've been avoiding baking, just because. Well now on maintenance, I decided to give it a whirl again this weekend. Well I went a little overboard, spending all day Saturday in the kitchen. I have some very low calorie snacks I made that I will have to post the recipes too. These included bell pepper/garlic muffins and apple bran muffins. I also made some sweet corn muffins, peanut butter cupcakes (for a guy at works b-day) and some banana bread. Most of it is frozen away in the freezer for safe keeping a portion control.

Also tried making the french toast casserole on sunday morning, and it didn't turn out that well. I need to modify the recipe and get it right before I post it, but I will once I get it to my level of yuminess.

It's still been hot here, but we did finally get some rain yesterday, which was much need, but it lead to a humid day today....yuck!

Other than that, nothing crazy or new going on over here. Heading up north again this coming weekend, and I'm looking forward to that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and a Happy Monday!


Kathy said...

I did a little baking today too. I had a chocolate baking mix from Southaven and baked it up with blueberry yogurt and a pint of fresh blueberries in it. It was pretty good...a little tart like when you add cherries to chocolate. We have few sweet treats around here that it might as well have been fudge to us!Love zucchini bread...I'll have to make some and freeze for the grandkids. They go ape over zucchini and pumpkin bread.

BB said...

Congrats on the low WI! I love to bake too, especially for others. I was thinking of trying a new coffee cake recipe tonight :) It is hard to bake & not taste. My ex m-i-l does that, but she's the only one I know that can!

CaRoLyN said...

I am scared to death of baking...funny since I used to absolutely love it but now I seriously can't keep my finger out of the bowl and I always want to lick the spoon! I usually make an exception at Christmas time though and bake my butt off! It's so fun to throw on some Christmas music, put on the wood stove and bake up a storm....ahhh I can't wait for Christmas!!! haha