Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What you want...

You have to know what you want to get.
Gertrude Stein

This quote is so so true. Don't you always seem to be able to accomplish more, and get where your going when you know where you want to go? Heck, I know I do. I know I accomplish more when I have a reasonable goal set too, and I don't feel like it's something I can never obtain. So set a goal, a goal you can stick too, and get to it!

It has been a good couple of days OP. I managed to get to the gym on Monday and get in my 25 minute interval training. I was going to go last night, but my ankle/foot was bothering me a bit from my incident last week, and it was really nasty out with the snow, so I just decided to go tonight, which is fine. So I'm looking forward to that. Yes, I did just say that, I am looking forward to going to the gym. See, I used to hate the gym, I despised going, and even more, I despised running, but somehow in the course of the last couple months, I've actually kind of grown to like it most days. I just feel better when I go. I like getting all sweaty, I think it helps relieve stress. plus it gets me out of the house. And what would I honestly be doing for that hour that I am at the gym? Nothing, that's what. I would be laying on the couch, watching the news. So I'm much more productive this way.

Food-wise things have been good, I really haven't used any flex points. I have been doing my unaccounted for nibbling of carrots, but I'm not too concerned. Can carrots really add up to 35 points a week Flex? I would be sick if I ate enough to add up that much I think.

I made some Snickerdoodle Muffins last night (to die for, and not healthy!), and I did splurge and have one, but I counted it. I had less than half of an actual baked one, and I accounted the licks I had as the rest of the muffin (4 points for a whole one). So I did well there. They were crazy good, and the guys here at work DEVOURED them, they were gone by 845! So a hit for sure!

Things at home have been going well, the roommate still hasn't given me a date she is planning to move out, but she has 78 more days. She has been looking but nothing seems to make her happy enough to want to move there. But I suppose moving from a house in a nice sub with your own garage space (and built in maid and cook) to an apartment complex isn't really going to be easy. Eventually she might just have to settle. But things have been fine between us, seems as though i can tolerate it better knowing an end is in sight!

On another note, My poor puppy has a growth on his ear I am awful worried about. I noticed it awhile back, and I felt it, and took a mental note to keep an eye on it, and I did for awhile, and it hadn't gotten bigger, so I wasn't too worried. Well I noticed it again this week, and it's gotten a little bigger, which worries me. I was suppose to take him in this morning, but the roads are miserable, and the only vet I trust for the big stuff is 45 minutes away. So I am taking him in on Friday, fingers crossed that it's just a cyst or something. Poor guy.

Alright well busy, busy gotta get back to work. But I hope everyone is having a wonderful and healthy OP day!


jodi said...

sorry to hear about the pup but i'm sure it's nothing serious... the weather is pretty crappy here too - cold, rainy, and then icey... makes for a fun commute home! :-p

and thanks for your comment on my blog today! :-)

Fatinah said...

I just had my pup in for a lump on his back. Good luck with yours!!

Those muffins sound so yummy - i'm feeling a bit peckish and one of those would go down quite nicely!!

I'm actually starting to look forward to my gym visits also - I noticed today (I didn't think I could go, but ended up being able to) that I love that feeling you get when you're working so hard you're dripping. I never used to be able to push myself that much - but I find my personal trainer has helped me get past that mental barrier I had.

Tina said...

Awww.... offering up a quick one for the puppy.. Keep me posted...

I am seriously impressed. I never noticed your ticker thingie before!

When I logged into your blog and saw that you had 10 more pounds to go thought wow! You are simply awesome!

Can we trade weigh ins?

Anonymous said...

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Caroline said...

Good for you for sticking to the gym! Sounds like you've made it to the "habit" stage, and that makes it so much easier!

Hope your puppy is okay! One of our cats had to have 2 surgeries a year ago to remove a mass in his stomach and it was awful (not to mention expensive). But he's great now! Hope your pup is okay, too!

HappyBlogChick said...

I'm thinking happy thoughts for your pup.

I don't count raw carrots. My thighs didn't get this way from carrots, ya know?