Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm struggling

I'm struggling, I am really am. Just to keep my head in the game. After this week, of knowing I did everything great, ate well, got activity in, I saw a 1.2lb gain this morning on the scale. I'm so frustrated beyond belief, and I've never felt once through this journey like just throwing in the towel, but I'm there right now. Why is it that when I work my ass off like I did this week I gain, but earlier in the game, I sat around was lazy, and ate crappier stuff a lost?

I opened my email this morning, and found this quote in my daily "positive thinking quote" email:

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.
-- Henry Ford (1863-1947) American Industrialist

So he's right, whether I think I can be 140lbs or I think I can't get there. I'm right. I think I can get there....I know I can get there. Does that make me right? Sure doesn't feel like it right now.


jodi said...

sometimes the mental challenges are much harder than the physical ones but i think once you master them, things will go much smoother... our bodies do crazy things - i've had great weeks where i worked my ass off and didn't lose and other weeks, i eat like crap and lose 1/2 pound... keep doing what you're doing and things will even out in the end... love that quote! :o)

Kathy said...

Our bodies are such miraculous machines...they seek balance and our input is just part of the equation. We know in our heads that it all evens out, but our hearts aren't always accepting of that truth. That's why I stay away from the scale...those numbers just do such terrible things to my psyche...even when they are better than I expected. Long term success is accomplished only when you can find some kind of peace with the weight fluctuations and know in your heart and in your mind that you are doing everything you can to accomplish your goals...and you are.

Kim said...

Hi Kate,

It's time to take the focus off of the number on the scale for a minute. Look at how healthy and active you have been. Think about how great you have been feeling. Take a step back and look at the big picture, and see how far you have come. Maybe you should try a new activity to jolt your body, or maybe you need to just keep doing everything that has been working and keep pressing on. If you took your measurements when you started, now would be a great time to take them again. I'm sure that you will see a big difference. The one thing you do NOT want to do is to throw in the towel. TRUST ME. You are doing the smart healthy things, your body cannot fight you forever. It will surrender those pounds sooner or later. :)