Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Update.

All is quiet here in Michigan. Hotter than Hell, but quiet! My weather bug on my computer says 91 and feels like 94, just plain old yuck. But I still subscribe to the idea that the heat does not seem to bother me nearly as bad now that I'm 15lbs lighter. It's amazing what 15lbs can do.

I tried to take the dog out for a walk last night, and I made it around the block (which is about a mile) but no further. The poor little guy was dying of heat stroke, and I just didn't feel good. But at least I got out and walked (or attempted too!).

I've been fighting a cold/allergies for the past couple days. I've just had a miserable sinus headache. It sucks. I guess I've never really explained it on here, I have pretty serious, chronic allergies. Mainly to dust, but also to seasonal things. I've had nose surgery to work on my sinuses because they are screwed up, I get shots once a week and I take a pretty wide array of meds, but it doesn't stop times like this where I get congested and my head hurts for days on end. Over the years I've suffered with it, I've really gotten used to it, but there are still somedays where the headaches bother me bad, and wear me down....today is one of those days.

Weight Loss-wise everything has been going good. I've been eating earlier in the day, starting with a snack at 830 in the morning, and then trying to eat every two hours thereafter. It's working well. I've been sticking mainly to fruits and veggies and snacks, which is good, cause this time of year, around here we have so much fresh stuff readily available.

I have been weighing myself everyday, and I think it's helping keep me on track for the time being. I don't think in the long run I will continue to do it. But I can see how my body fluctuates during the week. It will also give me a good idea of where to set my "weight range" for when I finally do make it to maintenance. As of right now, I'm down from last week, so that makes me happy. I still would love to weigh in below that 150 mark this week, although I haven't seen it yet. The 140's are taunting me, I want to get there dammit!

Once again, thanks to everyone who leaves kind words and encouragement, I still wouldn't be trucking along without you guys! Thanks!

Hope everyone is having a great day, and a healthy day at that :)


Lyn said...

Hi Kate, Thanks for popping by my blog and for your encouragement.

Wow isn't it so amazing how the weather can be so extrememly different on different parts of the globe. It was so cold here this morning ... 3 degrees celcius which I'm not quite sure how to convert to farunheit (sp) but given that 0 degrees c is freezing point. Yet here you are suffering from the heat ... bring back summer here I say, I'm sick of winter!! lol

KL said...

Feel better soon!

Carrie said...

great job on the loss! the 140's will be here before you know it!! Arn't fresh fruits and veggies wonderful? Keep up the great work!! You are more then 1/2 way to your goal! You are an inspiration.

Fatinah said...

allergies are the worst. My husband suffers this time of year (although not as bad as you) and it is painful to watch. There is just no relief!

Sounds like you're really on track with your weight loss efforts - WAY TO GO!!!!