Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday

The weekend was a good weekend. Busy, but good nonetheless. Saturday as you seen from my post on Saturday was busy, busy! and Sunday was nothing to shake a stick at. I got up in the morning and took Duke for a hike, and then came home, got some stuff done and went over to my parents. When I was there I worked on my garden quite a bit more, and earned me some Activity Points. We ate dinner (they ate grilled fatty hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage), me on the other hand, I bought my own 98% Fat Free Oscar Mayer Dogs and Light Buns! So I enjoyed them throughly. I ate a TON of Fruit and Veggies when I was over there, and tried to count them as well as I could, but I wasn't measuring them out, so I don't know if I was totally accurate with the fruit and veggie points, but I tried.

I decided that this week I was going to 1. Weigh myself everyday and 2. Not count calories per point and that.

I want to weigh myself everyday just see how much my weigh varies, and hopefully I won't be surprised anything on Friday Weigh In. I've seen a good drop in water weight from last weeks weigh in, and that makes me happy.

I'm not counting calories per point anymore. When I started doing that, I realized that I wasn't trusting the WW system. As long as I'm accurately recording what I'm eating, the point will get me to lose pounds. I truthfully think my body had been in starvation mode. Typically in the summer time I lose weight as it is, because I eat less and I don't sit still. So I think the combo of my leaner eating now, and the not sitting still part sent me body into starvation mode. So hence the plan of eating activity points, and letting weight watchers do it's thing. It will work.

The eating breakfast thing has been going good so far. I don't seem to be terribly hungry in the morning even after eating breakfast, which was my concern. Hopefully it will help boost the metabolism a little earlier in the day.

I got a few new things to try this week. First I got the Kellogg's All Bran Bars. They are really good, only 2 points per bar, and I think they are pretty darn good sized compared to some other bars (I'm not a big bar eater, I think they are a rip-off most of the time!). I also got these Light Flat-Out Wraps. I used to eat the normal ones long ago, but was excited to see they had light ones, and best of all, they are huge, and they are only 1 point! Yay! I'm trying my first one today at lunch. I'll keep ya posted :)

Alright, that's it for me today! Hope everyone is having a great day!


CaRoLyN said...

I LOVE the light Flat Out wraps...they are amazing and all for only one point. I used to pile on veggies like spinach, carrot, red or green onion, cucumber, any veggies really and add a little homemade hummus. YUM!!!!
Good job on getting in is the most important meal of the day! (How many times did you hear that growing up???)
Great job on your loss!!! I've been gone for a few days so I am trying to catch up!!

Sonya said...

Great work on the loss, and doing so great at the barbeque!

Fatinah said...

good on you for eating your own food - and it sounds like it was yummy to boot!

Kim said...

You're doing awesome Kate!

Kathy said...

You are just so gonna win this have such a great attitude! Taking charge of your food at the family barbecue,trying some new foods, eating breakfast...way to go.

Lilianna's mommy said...

Glad to hear you're giving breakfast a try! I couldn't make it through the day without it. I've been weighing myself everyday too, I find it helps to keep an eye on what my body is doing. You really experience cause and effect that way.

Keep up the great work!!!

noelle said...

Like Carolyn, I love a flat out wrap with hummus and tons of veggies.

I also am not so careful about counting my fruit and veggie points. I know that oereating watermelon is not what put me at 193 pounds. So I just estimate my f/v's. Ice cream on the other hand, I tend to overestimate since that is what helps me to pile on the pounds in a BIG hurry!

Enjoy all the great food this summer. I found myself at a BBQ the other night never even eating anything from the grill cause I was so busy with the fruit platter.