Monday, June 4, 2007

A Review of May, and Goals for June.

Well, when I look back at the goals I set for May, I can't say I accomplished them all, but at least I touched on a few of them, which is good enough for me. Here's the breakdown.

Weight as of May 1, 2007 : 152.0lbs
Goal: 148lbs
Weight as of June 1, 2007: 150.4lbs.

Well I got a little off track after the first weigh in of the month, and I had a weekend off, and I didn't see the results I would've liked, but, I suppose a 1.6 lb loss for the month is better than a 1.6 pound gain! So I will take it.

Another goal was to get out and be active. Well my goal was to be active everyday that the weather permitted, and I can't say I did that, but I definitely did better, I earned 62 Activity Points throughout the month, although there were 2 weeks that I didn't earn any eeeek. But hey, I was more active, so I didn't miss this one by a mile!

My other goal was about eating more during the day, and less at night, and I've been doing a pretty good job of this. Most of the time, I'm only left with 4-6 points after dinner, and those seem to do me just fine. I don't know that it helped my weight loss, but I don't know that much did this month. So I'm gonna continue doing this one.

Alright, and for the June goals!

1. I would like to lose 4 lbs by July 1st. So I would like to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 146-147lbs by the beginning of July. I think it's a doable goal, and I'm excited about trying to get there.

2. Continue on my clean eating program. Last week I included more fruits and veggies into my diet, and cut out the snack cakes, "free popsicles" and things like that. And I plan to continue to limit the numbers of this stuff that I am consuming. It's bad for you, whether it fits into your points range for the day or not. So if I want a snack cake I can have one....just not two or three, haha.

3. Walk/Bike 10 miles a week. I found a new site called Sanoodi, and it allows you to physically sketch out the distances your walking so you know how long your walking, and then it even allows you to put in the time, and it tells you how fast your going, it's fun, and now that I know how long I'm going, I can set mileage goals....AWESOME. So...10 miles a week.

4. Stay Single. This might seem like an odd goal to most, but I need it. I finally decided this weekend that Scott just isn't the one for me, so that being said, I just want to stay single. Doesn't mean if a hot guy asks me out, I can't go. Just no relationships, no even looking for relationships. My goal is to be single, worry about me, and we'll think about them in the fall.

Alright, there is the goals for June. What's your guys' goal for the month?

As far as my weekend, I had a good one. Friday I did alot of running around that I had to do, and then I met Scott over and my parents, and we went 4 Wheeling, and then I cooked him dinner and we did some running around. It was this evening that I decided Scott and I were done, I haven't heard from him since.

Saturday, I decided to go out and work in my garden at my parents and it was hot, hot, hot. Well it slipped my mind that my back had not been exposed to the sun yet, and I didn't put on any sunscreen, and I all I can say is opps...I've been suffering since. After I got home from about 3.5 hours of doing that, it started pouring, and didn't stop. I made chicken on the grill for the roommate and I, and then we went to see the movie Knocked Up, which was great. If you want a laugh, go see it!

Sunday was laid back, church with the parents, Olive Garden with the parents, and then alot of miscellaneous little things around the house. Nothing Spectacular yesterday.

I'm excited, on my way to work this morning, I went by the Strawberry Farm, and they are open for U Pick, which means I am gonna be a busy bee on Saturday, YES! All that yummy fruit.
Alright, I hope everyone had a great weekend, and a Happy Monday!



noelle said...

I'm going to check out that site!

May was a busy month for you, and you did make really good choices much of the time.

I'm bummed you're staying single. You know how I love to hear about your guy stuff!

I'll be picking more strawberries this weekend, too! I put up a TON last weekend...jam, preserves, marmalade ( with lemon) and frozen. So very yummy!!!

jodi said...

i think you're doing great and your goals for june sound right on target - i would like to lose 4 pounds by july too... and i'm glad you're staying single - i feel its so important to be independent and really focus on what you'd like in a guy, before settling on someone you're not really into... yea, sometimes it's lonely but when you have everything figured out - the next relationship will be perfect... :o)