Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's amazing

So today, I decided to break my weight loss down by average per month (I was bored, haha), it's it's amazing how you can see the two months that I took one weekend, and one day off, really very sad actually. Here's how it breaks down.

Jan: -4.6lbs (1.1 average)
Feb: -4.6lbs (1.1 average)
March: -5.8 (1.1 average)
April: -.4 (took one day off!)
May: +.8 (took one weekend off!)
June: -3.2 so far

I guess I won't be taking off anymore days or weekends off, I did not realize the affect on my overall weight loss....holy smokes.

1 comment:

2L said...

Awesome! I kinda did that too actually except by weeks bc I don't have as many months as you. I've averaged 1lb a week (with the gains & all). . .in a year that's 52lbs! :D

You have less than 10lbs til goal! Almost there. You can do it!!