Saturday, June 23, 2007

A good Saturday

So I started the day off on a good foot. I jumped on the scale first thing, and I was 1.4lbs lighter than yesterday, which would mean a .2 loss from the week before. God the scale can frustrate me sometimes.

Today was busy, I started off the day by going down to the farmers market in Ann Arbor, and then picking up all my veggies and fruits for the week on the way home. Its amazing how much money eating right can cost. It was much cheaper to eat bags of ruffles at 2 for $4.

Then I ate lunch, picked some strawberries, froze those, a friend stopped by for a bit, went to church with mom and dad, went grocery shopping, went for a hike with the dog, and then came home. Needless to say I'm whopped.

I'm not going to post a menu, but I earned 5 activity points today, and I ate them all. So I ate 27 points today.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm off to bed I think!


Fatinah said...

excellent job at having a good Saturday - everyone needs one of those!

Noelle said...

Good to see you are still motivated to eat well even when the scale is not budging. You are building healthy habits...good for you.

I'd be interested in what you've found about fruits/veggies and snacks.

KL said...

How has the breakfast thing been going? I used to never eat breakfast, but now I can't go without it.