Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hot Hot Hot!

That's what it is today outside, just plain ol' hot outside. My little Weather Channel Desktop says 87. Although it's warm, it truthfully doesn't feel that bad, because the humidity is low, and anyone who has ever lived in the upper midwest knows, that we have killer humidity, so the 87 today isn't the same 87 we'll have in August. I also find now that I've lost weight, I don't get affected by the heat nearly as much. I've always hated the summer, I hated being hot. Well now I'm friggin cold all the darn time, so to be warm is awesome, I just don't get affected by it like I used too.

I'm planning on going rollerblading tonight (I think it will be too hot to make the poor dog go on a walk with me). I was surprised as I was checking to see how many activity points I would get for a nice long rollerblading session tonight, at just how many I would get. Who would've known something I loved so much pre-weight loss, was so good for you! So, I plan to go out for about 45 minutes tonight, which figures on the WW's point tracker to be 5 Activity Points, holy smokes.

I think I've deiced for my maintenance phase what I am going to do (I know, good thing I figured it out since I probably have like 12 weeks left right?). I think I am going to use SparkPeople for maintenance phase. It's a good (and Free!) way to track your calories, and I've been using it to track my fitness and like it, so I'm going to give that a shot, and when I'm using that, if I find myself gaining weight back to Weight Watchers (and paying for it!) I'll go. Good incentive to not gain weight. Not gaining weight will be free, haha.

Today has been a good day so far, I've drank lots of water, and I had leftover Chicken Salad Sandwich for Lunch, and tonight Dijon-Crusted Fish! Yum!

Menu posted later on. Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day!

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