Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Monday

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These peanuts are the devil. They are what I ate 10.5 points worth of yesterday evening. All things aside, they were rather delicious, but I could've thought of a better way to use 10.5 points. But, I accounted for all of them, and I didn't use any flex and ended the night with 1.5 points of activity points left, so while eating that much wasn't exactly a good thing, it all worked out.

Overall, my weekend was great. The weather here was 70-75 all weekend, without a cloud in the sky. Perfect in my book.

Friday night, I actually went and met a girlfriend for dinner, and that was nice. Saturday, it was such a nice day, I went over and grabbed my dad's new mustang and went tooling around, love that car. And of course to boost the good ol' self esteem I got hit on about 8 times while I was out with it. Then I went out rock climbing with my brothers and got some kickass activity points. Then we went out to dinner with my parents, then home and out grocery shopping with the roommate. Needless to say, by the time I managed to sit down it was after 11, and I was wiped out. What a day.

Yesterday, I got up early and went to church with my parents (what a good girl I am, haha) and then came home and began a long process of washing and waxing my truck. I spent about 5 hours on it, and I have at least another three or four left, perhaps I will get it done this coming weekend. After that, I went and looked at a dog I was thinking about adopting, and he was a sweetheart. But I decided after much contemplation, the one dog I have is enough right now. He's spoiled rotten, and I don't feel I could give the other dog the luxuries I have given Duke. I know, they are just Dogs, but Duke is like my child.

After all of this, I went over to eat at my mom and dad's, had dinner, came home, and was wiped out. Managed to get laundry done, but that was about the end of being productive.

I was planning on trying Yoga again tonight at a new place, but quite frankly, I just feel like being lazy, so that's exactly what I am going to do.

Anyways, menu will be posted later this evening. Until then, Stay on Track, it's the only way you'll get to GOAL!


jodi said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend as well - i love being outside when the weather is nice... :o)

i could easily eat 10 points worth of crackers, bread, and or cheese so don't feel bad - if you counted, then its okay... :o)

Wanderer said...

Wow! What a weekend! Wish I could be so active during the weekend instead of lazing around and gorging on food.
Also, would love to read more about the non-food stuff on your blog since am not much into cooking.