Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm in Healthy Range

So I was just sitting here, trying to avoid the obvious (work) and decided to re-visit what I wanted my ultimate goal to be for Weight Watchers. While researching this, I noticed something, I am back in the healthy weight range provided by Weight Watchers. Now, I may only be .6 pounds from being unhealthy again, but it feels great, glad I finally made it here, and I made it to my 10% too.

Now my next goal is the 140's, which I haven't been in probably since high school, hell, it might have been since like my Sophomore or Junior year of High School. But what the heck, I'll be happy when I hit 149.9....it means the 140's. I might be there this weekend.

The every dubious job of picking a goal weight is now upon me. When I set out on this journey I put it to 140, because that was dead in the middle of my weight range, and in high school, that's where I've always wanted to be. Now I am thinking I would like to hover between 135-140lbs. What do you guys think? How have you picked your goals?

On another note it's gorgeous around here today, again. I did sleep much last night because of the puppy incident . So while I would love to get out for a bike ride, I might just be too bushed to do it. I had intentions of taking a nice long ride tonight, like 8 miles or so. We'll see.

So, I'm single, and I'm back in the dating world, it's not easy, especially after being in a relationship for the last 2.5 years. I've two rather interesting experiences thus far. Let me tell you about them, I'm sure you will get a laugh.

First, I met this guy on Yahoo Personals a couple weeks ago, seemed nice enough. We'll call him "S". Well S and I wrote a few emails back and fourth. I found him on Myspace, and we emailed back and fourth a couple times, but nothing really came of it. Really I thought his emails were kinda boring, and while I asked him questions, and he answered the questions he never really asked me anything back, which led me to believe he wasn't interested. No big deal, we'd talked in maybe 5 or 6 emails. He sent one email a bit ago, a response to one of mine, that didn't really ask me anything to answer, so I just kinda blew it off. Well this morning, I get a email from him saying he deleted me from his friends because I never responded to his email and that was rude. And he wanted to let me know why he deleted me, rather than be like me and not offer him any reason for cutting off contact. Can we say hello, needy? after a few email, geesh.

Now this other one isn't quite a book, so stick with me here. Once again on yahoo personals, I log in, I'm all excited to see I have 1 new message, YES! Someone thinks I'm hot. No, actually quite the opposite. Some guy, whose name fails to escape me, decided to write me a note to tell me I looked like I was brushing my teeth in the picture I had up. Now mind you, one, I didn't ask for critiques of the picture but two, this guy doesn't even have a picture up! So I rather smart-ass-edly responded that I didn't ask for his opinion, nor was I afraid to put a picture up, and apparently he was.

Gotta love online dating, ahhh the joys.

Alright I've wrote a book, so time to get back to work. But tonight I will post a recipe for my dinner, which is going to be Baked Parmesan Orange Roughy. YUM!


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Fatinah said...

mmmm, back in the healthy range! Well done!
I chose my WW goal weight when I was....24. When I return to my healthy range, I will be choosing another goal weight. I'm thinking I will increase it by 5 or 7 lbs. Feels like such a long time away though......
PS: Funny dating stories! Good luck out there.