Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Dating Saga Continues

So, I have another Yahoo Personals story, but we'll get to that in a minute.

First off, I finally found a home for the puppy that I have been fretting over for the past week. Turns out one of the guys who I thought would take him never got the initial message I left him, and just happened to stop by work today and went right over a got the poor thing. This guy and his wife are both older, retired people, and they bought a golden retriever puppy about a 18 months ago. Well the dog ended up having some very rare disease and passed away around Christmas Time. They had been looking for a new puppy, and this guy worked out perfect. So he has a great home. I almost cried when he said he would take him. I guess prayers work!

So Rosie O'Donnell is leaving the view. Now I really dislike Rosie, I never liked her period, but I really didn't like her after the view, and all the trump stuff (he's an ass too, don't worry), but she's just a loud mouth. I was wondering how long Barbra Walters was going to put up with her on The View, well apparently her tenure is done in June. I watched the video of Rosie announcing it on, and you can see Barbra sitting next to her, and she just looks like she hates Rosie. It's really quite entertaining.

Onto the dating story of the day. I swear to god when I was in "the dating pool" three years ago, it wasn't nearly this hard, nor were their nearly as many smart asses. So today I open up my yahoo personals mail to see I several messages. I have a couple in which seem like nice guys and a couple that just aren't my type. You know, everyone has a type. So I nicely send the couple that aren't my type a "quick reply", basically a pre-fab message saying I just met someone and want to see what develops. Figure it's nicer than just being like hey not your not my type, sorry. Hey I've gotten it before, that's cool. Well this one guy sends me an email back, and this is what is says, we shall call him "T".

"So why are you still out here looking...? You are just blowing me off...too bad. Your type will never find the right person because you won't give a guy a chance. I guess it's my looks...not my personality or financial standing. Im sorry to of expressed an interest in you. Take care."

So, being the smart ass that I am, I of course replied:


I can tell your a very bitter individual, And I apologize that you live your life that way.

Let me break this down for you.

Your Age: 39 The Age Range I want: 25-35
Your Body Type: Thick. Body Type I want: Slim, Slender, Fit, Athletic, Average.
Your Martial Status: Divorced. What I want: Single-Never Married
Kids: You don't Want. I want them.

So even had I not just met someone, we are clearly not a fit, so perhaps you should read the other person's wants also, because in the game of dating, what they want matters also.

Good Luck in your search, hopefully you'll find someone who is willing to deal with you.

Then I blocked him...

Seriously, some of these guys just don't get it. I mean I was just trying to be nice, saying I wasn't interested, what's honestly so wrong with not being interested in someone? I never get that offended when someone doesn't message me. Just figure oh well, I'm not their type.


Diet wise everything is going good. Looking forward to weigh in on Saturday, as I should hit the 140's, go me! I am going to post a recipe for Baked Parmesan Fish tonight, had it last night, and it was A+++ and very low point. Have to love fish. My new addictions of the week at dill pickles (why did I never realize these were 0 points!) and the Weight Watchers Carrot Cakes, yum!

Alright time to wrap up at work. Menu Tonight.


Maya said...

Happy to know that the doggie finally found a home!And that was a nice befitting reply you sent to Mr T. :)

noelle said...

Gotta hate a guy that can't take a hint!

You're a bigger muncher than I am, and I thought I was the worst of "2 bites of this, 2 bites of that"!

Keep up the good work...and yeah for the 140's. Also my weight in high school and where I'd like to be right now!