Monday, April 30, 2007

And a New Week Begins!

I have yet to decide what my new activity for this week is going to be, but I better start thinking! A guy I was out with on Saturday, "R", said he'd teach me to play disc golf, and I think it would be fun. I don't necessarily know that I would like him to teach me though. perhaps I can get one of my brothers to go look like an idiot with me, being they don't know how to play either! It will be so gorgeous out I know I won't want to go to any fitness classes, I can just go out walking.

Speaking of which, I think tonight when I get home I'm going to take Duke (my 4 year old golden retriever) out for a nice long walk. It's 70 and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Plus being out of the house like that, keeps me out of the food, lol. We are having tuna salad sandwiches for dinner tonight, and should be good, and low in points.

Alright promised an update on the dating situation. I haven't had anymore crazies who've yelled at me for telling them I'm not interested, which is always good. You know they saying "When It Rains it Pours?" My love life is kinda like that. I will go months without anyone interested, or a date, and then I'll have like 4 guys at once interested. Then I have to pick cause I'm totally incapable of juggling 4 men, and then the one I pick dumps me, and then I'm back to square one, it's fun, really it is. Can you tell how much I love dating?

So right now I have three potential prospects, who have no advanced to talking on the phone. I might as well just use names, because there are starting to be initial overlaps, and well that will just get confusing. Currently, I have three left. I went out with another one this weekend, Rick, and he was a nice guy, just not my type, so I don't foresee it going anywhere.

So the ones left are Nic, Chad and Ryan. All great guys. Chad already asked me out for next weekend, although I'm not sure which day we're going to go out. But he's 34, and from a small city about 35-40 minutes away. He has a good job, education, family, ect. Just seems like a good all-around guy, he wasn't very good on the phone though, kinda boring. I honestly didn't think he was that interested, so I was surprised when he asked me out.

Then there is Nic. Nic is 26 and also seems like a great guy, he's from another small town about 30-40 minutes away. Has a great job, what seems to be a big, close knit family. Loves the outdoorsy stuff like I do. Just seems like he'd be the type of guy who is always up for challenge. I like those types. Plus, I'm a challenge, so it's nice to have someone who can put up with that ;) He hasn't asked me out yet, but I can see it coming soon.

Lastly, right now there is Ryan. He's definitely not the last on the list or anything. He's 32 and He's from Ohio, a town about 45 minutes south of me. He also seems like a great guy with a good family, good education, hard working, has a good job, and a company he runs on the side during the summer. This one really impressed me. We talked on the phone for like 40 minutes last night, and I'm not a phone person. We actually got into some political discussions (an interesting thing to chat about the first time you talk nonetheless). He seemed like a great guy. No date yet with this one.

So, I've got my plate full. Three great guys! I just hope one out of the three is as good of a package in person as they seem through email/phone conversations. Because anyone who has dated online knows this isn't always the case!

Other than that, I have no excitement in my life. I'm predicting a rather lazy night after my walk. I will post a menu, but until then, take care!

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