Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Rainy Thursday..

Well this post is going to be shorter today, this I promise. No applause necessary.

No more crazys on the personals today...luckily. Although I have met several nice "candidates" so to speak, and two of them have my phone number, we shall see who calls! We will call one "N" and the other "C". N and C both seem like great guys, N I think is a tad more my speed, he's outdoorsy, he's cute, has a good job, and is 26. C is also great, cute, close to his family, own downfall is he's 34. I don't know why that seems like such an age difference, it's under 10 years. If he asks, I'll definitely go out. I'm not turning down any dates, it's my new motto "at least give it a chance!".

It's been rainy, and kinda depressing here today, especially after all the nice weather the last couple days. But on a high note, its suppose to warm up, and be sunny on Sunday, so it gives me something to look forward too. Plus even with it raining Friday and Saturday, I have indoor stuff I have to get cleaning. Yuck!

Eating wise, today has been good. I'm planning on Shrimp stir-fry for dinner. I always have Shrimp stir-fry when the roommate isn't home because she doesn't like shrimp, so I never can make it for both of us to enjoy. It's yummy, and very point friendly.

I also get to see my girlfriend D tonight. I'm excited because we haven't just gotten to hang out and catch up in quite sometime. So I'm going over to see her, and see her 3 year old daughter, I'm excited, and it gets me out of the house, which is even better because it keeps me from grazing in the kitchen and using points. I love the nights when have quite a few points left and can have a really yummy snack!

Anyways, menu later.

Until tomorrow, be healthy, be happy!

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