Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Welcome May!

Well It's May! I love May!

I've never "set goals" for myself since I've been doing the Weight Loss thing, but I think I want to for May.

Weight as of May 1, 2007: 152.0lbs


1. Lose 4 lbs this month! My weight loss has slowed now that I've taken off 15lbs, so I think this is a great, and easily doable goal! My weight loss has average about 1.2 lbs per week, so this is under that. So... 148lbs by June 1st.

2. Get out and do something active every day the weather permits. Even if this just taking Duke for a walk around the block, just get moving, the WOMAN Challenge should go hand in hand with this!

3. Eat less at night. Hasn't affected my weight loss yet, but I eat A LOT after dinner, I need to get that in check so it's easier to maintain later one.

4. Eat larger meals and fewer snacks. Kinda goes hand in hand with # 3!

5. Personal Goal: Go on a date with at least one guy, I normally wouldn't. They always say to give everyone a shot, so I am going to go on a date with someone who I normally wouldn't. Maybe it will work out!

Alright those are the goals for May! Ready-Set-Go.


noelle said...

good for you! maybe i'll set some goals for may, too.

and I love my veggies, too. i really love healthy foods, it's just the ice cream that has made me chubby! lol

jodi said...

i think your goals are great... i don't really set them either but i have some things i'd like to accomplishment... and if i don't get to where i want to be, i don't kick myself either - i just keep going... :o)

Shelley said...

Hey...I just tried to leave a comment and was denied, so let me try again!

Great goals. I like the realistic weight loss...I always get sad to see people put down wanting to lose way too much too fast. I struggled with that for so long.

I am glad you joined the walking challenge...we can be cyber walking buddies.

And the date goal...that's great. I haven't been on an actual date in a million bajillion years.