Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Eh, I just realized I forgot to count my cauliflower that I ate at dinner last night! I'm bummed, because that means I went over a point, and I wouldn't have eaten the extra point had I known. So I'm not going to go back and count it, but bums me out still, I'm so good about counting EVERYTHING. Guess none of us got fat eating steamed cauliflower though, right?


jodi said...

i'm sure you'll be fine, cauliflower isn't the same thing as a candy bar... ;o)

~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment! i'm sure that 1 point of veggies won't hurt. like you said, we didn't get fat by eating that!!

Shelley said...

Hey there...don't fret about cauliflower. In could eat it by the ton full and still not pack on the pounds.

I always eat veggies if I am feeling the least bit hungry.

Oh, you asked about the sorbet recipe. I posted a similar one in an earlier blog. It's so simple. I use my Magic Bullet (love it!), but you can use any decent food processor. Put in frozen fruit (I usually cut them into bite size chunks), then add a couple of splashes of juice(no more than a 1/4 cup) and can put in some splenda if you want (I find I don't need it). Then you process into it is a nice puree. I often stop when there are still some small chunks of frozen fruit in there.

I swear it is the best thing I have ever eaten. Mmmm!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...appreciated!

Fatinah said...

cauliflower counts???? WTF??? Crap - I bet that IS why I'm "big boned"!! HAHAHAHAHA
Seriously - I had no idea you had to count a point for cauliflower......I love cauliflower....