Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank God it's Thursday!

The last couple days at work have been so incredibly busy, I haven't had the chance to update nearly as much as I like. I guess I should probably get in the habit of sitting down at night (and not on company time!) to update, but naw, that's no fun!

As far as Weight Watchers goes, things have been going good. For some reason I've been getting a little down about it though, and a little discouraged. I haven't jumped Off Plan, or anything like that, I guess I'm just getting "bored" with it. I'm running out of new foods to buy and try, recipes (finally, after 5 months) are getting to be the same old thing. I guess maybe it just roots from the fact that I'm pretty happy where I'm at weight-wise. My clothes feel good again, and I'm not too skinny, but I feel healthy and happy. But, at the same time, at the beginning of my weight loss journey I set a goal, and I want to reach that. So I don't know, I guess just feeling kinda frustrated. I'm sure it will pass. Anyone else get like this ever?

Things with Scott are going well still. I am beginning to remember some of the stuff that I didn't like in the fall when we dated, but it's hard. He's such as sweet guy, so thoughtful and so hardworking. Which is like the opposite of my ex. One thing I did like about Scott, even when we dated before, he was busy. He's a busy guy, and he's always doing something, and he has to make time for me, which is nice. I don't like a guy who is sitting around waiting for me to call, because I like my own time, and to do my own thing. But on the bad side, one, he likes to party. Not like go to the bar party, but have beers with his buddies alot. Myself, I'm not a partier, not in the least bit. I really prefer a night in watching tv to a night or going out. I like cross stitching and watching movies....Boring I know. And the only other gripe I have, is relationship wise you can just tell he hasn't had alot of girlfriends. He's younger than me (he is 23, I'm 25) and you can just tell he hasn't. He's kind of immature when it comes to the relationship aspect, which is different for me, since Jason was 29, and I dated him for 2.5 years. Ugh, maybe I'm just in a funk in general, seems all I've done is complain! Sorry about that.

This weekend I intend to get my garden planted, and hopefully work on my landscaping a little more. It should be fun! I can't wait to get my vegetables planted, and start watching them grow. I've never grown veggies before, but being on WW's I eat so many now, I thought I would give it a heck of a try. I want to chop all the peppers and onions I get so that I can use them throughout the winter, cheaper, and fresher veggies...year round!

As far as the Woman Challenge goes, I'm only doing the individual one (I'm not on a team). I've been slacking this week (the cooler weather and being busy, excuses, excuses). Luckily it started on Mother's Day, and all day I was helping my mom plant flowers and everything, so I could count that as "activity", and I did, and it actually met my activity goal for the week (of 30 minutes per day, 210 minutes for the week). I'm going to try to get a walk in tonight, and I'm going to try to get a walk in on Friday night also.

Alright, have a healthy and happy day bloggers. Update again soon!


CaRoLyN said...

Hope your spirits are lifted soon! Too bad you feel like your in a funk. I know what you mean though. I have had those days....many times. Maybe it's time to mix things up a little bit. Try a new hobby or class. I always look online for new WW friendly recips. is an amazing resource. (I tried the chicken strips and onions rings and they were soooo great!!
Keep it up!

jodi said...

i think its just natural to get bored of what you're doing but that's why i love blogging because there's an endless amount of info to be read... i tend to eat the same thing a lot, esp. during the week, so i take advantage of trying new recipes on the weekend... :o)

re: the boy, i think you should listen to your gut and if you're having doubts - you should face-up to them... i was single for a long time and though i wanted to be in a relationship more than anything - i also didn't want to date someone that wasn't marriage material... you have to acknowledge the things you want in a guy and know its okay if someone doesn't meet your needs - life is too short to be "sort of happy"... :o)

1L said...

Food finds so far (if you haven't tried them already):

Hostess 100 calorie cakes - 2pts
Wish Bone Salad Spritzer - 0pt
Dreyers fruit bars - 1pt
Frozen grapes - 1pt
Ice cream sandwhich (made w/ Graham crackers & cool whip) - 1pt
WW honey mustard snack - 2 pts
Jolly Pop 94% fat free - 4 cups/1pt

Hope you find something to cheer you up! :)