Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Begins!

Well today I've been trying to abide by one of my new goals with Weight Watchers. I am trying to eat more during the day, and at meals, and less snacks. I should just say less snacks in the evening. I think I'll be fine. We'll see how the first night goes though. I am only going to leave myself 4 points after dinner, which some people are like only 4 points, that's all I ever eat at night. But not me folks, there was times after dinner I would have 8-10 points left. So tonight will be an adventure. I think I will be fine though. So far, this is what I've eaten:

Lunch (1:00p)

Tuna Salad: 2pts
2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread: 2pts
Carrots: .5pts
Strawberries: 0 pts

Snack (3p): Apple .5pts
Snack (330p): Kix 1 pt
Snack (4p): Other half of carrots from Lunch 0
Snack (430p): Cantaloupe 1pt

Snack @ 530 is probably going to be yogurt and Kashi, as a hold over til dinner.

Dinner @ 7:00p - Chicken Stir Fry with Sides, 8-10pts

Snacks 4-6pts

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Fatinah said...

good luck with those 4 points chicklet!