Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Great Weigh In!

So after the catastrophe last weekend, this weekend went great. My body typically does this, gain one week, lose alot the next. So this week, I lost 4.2lbs! I was so excited. This put me back under my 10% goal, and into the 140's where I haven't been since High School...YES! Of course, I did get yelled at by online tracker, haha. I'm only .4 away from my 20lbs! Yes! Low side of this? I lost a point, so now I only have 21, yuck!

7.8lbs to WW goal
10.8 to personal goal

Alright, well I'm off for the weekend, and back on track on Monday, I will see you all then!


Fatinah said...

I'm so excited for you - what a great loss!!! All your hard work paid off. Way to go!

noelle said...


You are so close to goal! That is so amazing! I, too, am hoping to get into those 140's where I was in high school. And it's been a whole lot longer for me!!! lol

I am so happy for you. It inspires me to keep plugging on after a not so good night last night.

CaRoLyN said...

WOW!! That is a HUGE loss!!! Congrats!!!
Doesn't it make you feel fantastic!!!
Keep it up!

~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

congratulations, that's a great loss!!!