Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Sorry it's been a couple days since I updated. I've been fighting a miserable bout with allergies, and I've had a terrible sinus headache since Sunday, needless to say, at least I'm feeling at least a little better today, I ran the AC last night (much to my disgust!) and I think it helped, so I plan to do the same thing tonight.

As far as the weight loss goes, I think everything is going good. I'm not overly looking forward to Weigh In on Saturday, since I know I didn't eat good this weekend, but at least I'm expecting it, and I can trace it back to what I did wrong. It shouldn't put me above 150 again though, which is good. But I've been on track all week, and besides allergy problems, I'm feeling good.

I'm planning on planting all my vegetables this weekend. I've never gardened before this year, but I'm giving it a heck of a shot. I want to freeze my own peppers and onions for use in recipes throughout the winter, that way I have farm-fresh produce in the winter, instead of overpaying for the crap I get at Kroger. It ticked me off enough this winter to pay $4.99 for a red pepper that I decided I would grow mine own, haha. Once I get everything planted I will have to post some pictures. For a first time gardener, I have a hell of a garden planned.

On the dating front, things with Scott seem to be going well, and I've kinda let the other guys fall at the wayside. I'd like to give Scott a full-fledged shot this time, since I didn't last time, I don't want anything distracting me. We watched a movie last night, and that's very different for him. He's a farm boy, most of the time we hang out, it's him working on something outside and me either helping him, or just sitting there chatting. He's not the "sit and watch tv" type. But it was pouring here last night, so he didn't have a choice. He didn't even know how to work the DVD player, it was really cute. He's so simple. So simply not like my ex either, which is good thing. I'll keep you married ones updated, we're suppose to go out this weekend.

Other than that, nothing really new to report. I posted a new picture in my profile, it's of me this past weekend. I don't typically take good pictures, but for once I thought it was good. I need to find a few comparison photos, so I can see if you guys can tell the difference between 170lbs Kate and 147lb Kate, sometimes I can't!

Alright have a great Thursday!


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