Monday, January 5, 2009

"It is the nature of man to rise to greatness
if greatness is expected of him."
-- John Steinbeck

Alright, well after quite sometime, here I am, I'm back.

I've been battling being sick for quite some time, it started as a sinus infection on December 10th, they gave me antibiotics, it appeared to go away, even though I wasn't feeling great, but then I got off the antibiotics, and it came back, and I went in the 29th, and had a sinus infection, bronchitis and strep throat, lovely huh?

Well needless to say, after a week of antibiotics and steroids, I feel pretty good.

So I'm going to attempt to run again tonight, even though its been so long, I know it's not gonna be easy, so I'll start with an easy mile tonight and if that goes good, I'll do a little more tomorrow, back to trying to build my base from scratch again, I hate that!

I did start on the master cleanse on Friday, it's interesting, I can't say I have an opinion yet on whether its good or bad. The first day was fine, and I felt good, the second day, I really felt like I had the flu, and I was tired all day, which they say is pretty normal. Yesterday and today, I feel alright, have a bit of a headache today, but nothing major.

Everyone asks if I'm hungry, and no, for the most part, I'm not hungry. It's hard when the boyfriend is around piling food in his mouth in front of me, or when food is cooking and I can smell it, but as far as actually being hungry, not very often. I think more than anything I miss eating, like the process of doing so, tasting good food, chewing ect. Just goes to show me how much I eat to eat, and how I'm not necessarily hungry, puts things into perspective a bit there.

Well I updated my weight on the sidebar for my monthly weigh in, which I am up at 144.6, which is still under my weight watchers goal, but over my personal goal. It's not bad for holiday season, and I know after the cleanse and when I get back to running the couple pounds will come off, so I'm not too worried about it.

With the cleanse they claim you will lose weight, but you will gain about half back. The way that I'm going, I will lose about 17lbs on the cleanse, but when I gain back I will still be under my goal weight, so that is ok. I will keep you posted, on Day 4, so far I've lost 5.2lbs.

Anyways, I will update again tomorrow and keep you guys posted on how the cleanse is going.

Happy New Year everyone!


noelle said...

I am back on my WW journey too. Want to hear more about this cleanse....

Andrew is getting fit said...

I hope all the illness is behind you now. Good luck with the run!

Fatinah said...

happy new year to you!

Kathy said...

I was just thinking of you today! Hope all those health problems are behind you.