Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm sitting around waiting for cupcakes I baked for my mom's birthday to cool so I can frost them, and waiting for them to come through the subdivision with a snowplow, so I can go out running, alot of waiting around huh? We recieved 8 to 10 inches of snow on Saturday, and they are expecting more tomorrow night! We are heading to Olive Garden later for my mom's birthday, so I will probably just wait to run until after we do that, they will hopefully have plowed by then.

On a good note, I was checking out Olive Garden to see what I was going to order today, and they have always provided Nutritional Information for their "garden fare" items, but now they provide nutritional information for the rest of it, I was very pleased. I think I will have the Venitian Apricot Chicken, which is only 3 points if I eat half! yay!

I did enjoy a couple bites of banana muffin, and some licks of batter, so I worked up the Nutritional Information for the muffins, and it looks like one is 4 points, even though I don't think I ate one muffin, I still counted 4 points to be safe.

I made up some Taco Soup so I would have some for lunches this week, it should be a good treat, I love soups this time of year. I have another soup recipe I will make later in the week. Soups are so filling too!

Anyways, nothing to exciting happening here, but I will update later with my menu for the day!

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