Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back on Track Day #3

Well, I didn't have time to write a big long post today, but I just wanted report that Day #3 of being back on track went off without a hitch! I got in all 8 of my GHG's, and ate within my 20 points.

I also ran 3.5 miles in subzero temps on roads that haven't been plowed! I have to admit it's alot harder running on the unplowed roads, and in the cold temps. But it feels good to get out there and do something in the winter, and even better to enjoy doing it so much. Tonight when I got off work, I so did not want to go running, but I promised myself just to get out there, and just go a bit, and if it was bad I could turn back. But I ended up getting in the 3.5 I had planned.

I also completed my pushups and my situps for both challenges.

Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty accomplished.

Alright off to do some lazying around the house! Have good nights!


Andrew is getting fit said...

You rock!

Fatinah said...

I'd say you earned yourself some lazying around the house!