Monday, January 12, 2009

" Think not of lost opportunities... but future possibilities."

I think this is a good quote, especially for this time of year, when we maybe have all gain a pound or two from the holidays, and we're trying really hard to get on track. It's best not to think about the past and what we did, only to look forward and think of how great we're gonna feel when we get back on track!

That being said, I had a food "mishap" today. I've been trying desperately to get back on track, the master cleanse helped, and I have been using Weight Watchers again since Friday when I got off of the cleanse. Well today I hit a stumbling block. It certainly could have been worse that it was, I stopped myself before I dug myself a whole that would blow my week. What did I do you ask?

Well I started on some leftover holiday treats here at work. You know, I know this is my one weakness, that if I start on treats, I have trouble stopping, so I shouldn't have even started, but for some reason I did the "oh just one" mantra that caused me to gain a few pounds over the holidays, well I finally got a grip on myself, but it wasn't before I ate quite a bit.

When I'm nibbling, it's hard to tell how much actually went in the mouth, plus I'm sharing with the dog (yes, I give Duke sugar and fat laden treat...bad dog owner!), but I estimated the damage out at about 20 points, it could've been a little more, maybe a little less, but that's what I counted.

Well, it used about 5 of my WPA points, which isn't terrible, and my plan for the rest of the day is alot of water, some tea, and only veggies. It could have been worse...but I feel better now that I confessed.

On a high note, I did get a 4 mile run in yesterday (in the snow, and on unplowed roads mind you!), and I'm planning to get another 3 mile run in tonight. I'm trying to get my runs in as early as possible this week, because its suppose to be highs in the single digits later in the week, so I want to try to avoid being outside as much as possible.

So overall, things are going ok, just a few "getting back on the wagon" bumps to deal with, nothing we all don't experience, and nothing we can't get over!

Happy Happy Monday! Menu later!


Jennifer Burgett said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know how I overlooked your blog - it looks full of wonderful Weight Watchers tips and tricks!!!! I am following you now!

What Half are you planning to do this year?

Andrew is getting fit said...

Aah...the I'll just have one ploy. Been there done that!