Thursday, December 6, 2007

Long Term Goals

You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.

Charles C. Noble

I think this pretty much sums up why we all pick goal weights. Because that is something that above all else we want to achieve, and it makes us overcome those short term failures that we all experience. Who hasn't eaten a box of chocolates, indulged to much at a wedding or ate too many cookies while baking (me? never!)?. But when we have our hearts set on that final goal weight, we pick ourselves up off the ground, dust ourselves off, and hop back on the weight loss wagon. But if we didn't have a long term goal, what would be the point of getting back on? So just remember that, that next time you fall off the wagon (even if it runs you over!), get back on, and ride it close to your goal, because we will all eventually get there!

Today has been a good day so far. We have these adorable little kittens at work, and I have just absolutely fallen in love with one of them. Of course I'm allergic, and I don't need another animal, but I just love him. I could careless about the other ones, but this one, he's my buddy. I'm trying to get them to keep him as a work cat, so I don't have to take him home...but I might be forced to adopt him lol...forced, They have me at gunpoint I'll tell ya.

It feels really good feeling like I have control again. For awhile there, I just didn't feel like I did, and of course a few gains showed that. But I finally feel "back to normal". But I suppose this is a good time of year to get back to normal, because I could potentially gain alot of weight not having any control this time of year.

Also, I'm going back to the gym, and that feels good. Last night I went for the 3rd time of 18. So I'm doing well. I was kinda bummed when I got there the treadmills were all full (and it's not even the new year yet), so I had to start on the elliptical and then move to the treadmill when one came free. It makes me wonder how it will be after the new year though, and that bums me out, because I like the gym, its just small.

Tonight I am having Taco Soup for of my Weight Watcher Favs. Also going out to get the rest of what I need to finish baking cookies this weekend. I have alot of them to do yet, but I am looking forward to getting them done.

Other than that, nothing too exciting in my life. I hope everyone is having a healthy, happy and "in control" day. Menu Updated below:

122 oz water 0
1 medium pear(s) 1
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal 2
Subtotal 3
White Chili - Quick-added food 4
1 medium apple(s) 1
3/4 cup Crunch Cereal 2
1/2 cup Fiber One 0
6 oz White Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt 1
Subtotal 8
6 1/4 oz broccoli 0
Taco Soup - Quick-added food 4
1 item Country White Bagel 1
1/2 cup Large Curd Cottage Cheese, Low-Fat 2% Milkfat 2
3 items Chocolate mini cakes 1
Subtotal 8
Peppermint Candy Cane - Quick-added food 1
WW Ice Cream - Quick-added food 2
Subtotal 3
Food POINTS values total used 22
Food POINTS values remaining 0


Kathy said...

Taco soup...I haven't made that for a while...that sounds good!

eat like a caveman said...

your menu sounds delicious! do you actually follow your planned menu 100% of the time?