Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm around

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, I was feeling very under the weather, and extremely busy at work to top that off, so the blog got a rest.

I peeked at the scale this morning, I was scared, but I figured it was the best way to continue to stay on track. Luckily it's only a little over a pound up from last week, which isn't terrible, but I was also up last week (for no apparent reason!), so I'm sure I will have a 3+ pound gain coming out of the holiday season, but it should come off easy once TOM finally gets out of here.

I'll post an actual weigh in tomorrow.

Nothing to exciting for the weekend, today I have a lunch date, and I have to go pick up my dress for my brothers wedding, and then a house warming party later for another brother. Probably just piddling around the house otherwise. Tomorrow more of the same. Half day of work on Monday, Tuesday off, and then full steam ahead into the new year. What is everyones plan for NYE and New Years Day?? Are these temptation days for you guys? They aren't for me, so I'm totally on plan until my next scheduled day off, which will be Easter :)

Hope everyone has a healthy and happy weekend...and I'll see you in the new year!


Fatinah said...

we are having B-I-L & S-I-L over to play cards for New Year's. I plan to figure out the pts of what I'm eating so that I can stay on plan, or if I go off, keep it controlled. I always feel so inspired after reading your blog - hope you plan to post often in the new year - I'm going to need lots of inspiration!!

Kathy said...

No plans here...we usually sleep right through the ball falling at midnight. So dull...but restful!

Roni said...

I have a few people coming over and I plan on having healthy finger foods on hand. Hummus, salsa, veggies, things like that.

It's not as bad as x-mas because I'm home an in control.

Caroline said...

Hope you're feeling better. And yes, New Year's Eve isn't nearly as bad as Christmas thank goodness!