Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Greatest Battles

Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.

Jameson Frank

How true is that quote honestly? Isn't 99% of what we all go through in this battle with the fat in our heads? I know my biggest battle with my mind is the weight I should ultimately end up with. Weight Watchers says my healthy weight range is 131 to 158 pounds. So the goal of 145 that I initially had set, was a good goal, I would be a healthy weight, but for some reason, I have it stuck in my head that I need to be lower than that, 142, 140, 138. Seems as my weight goes down, so does the number I *think* I would be happy at. I use *think* because I don't know that I will ever be truly happy with my weight, one way or another I think in my mind I will convince myself I could always be a little thinner, after all, the weight ranger does go down to 131, right? So I think the biggest battle I fight is with my mind, getting myself to become happy with who I am, and my body, I know I now look healthy, and that should be what matters!

Nothing really exciting going on here. I'm still OP, which is a great feeling, I'm heading into the first full week without an "opps", I hope I make it all day tomorrow on plan too...more baking cookies is always a challenge. But I'm motivated, so I should be ok. I'm excited to see the scale on Sunday, so I'm hoping there is a good loss. I know they claim when you start running it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust, but I'm hoping this isn't the case. Last week I felt bloated and fat before weigh in, and I'm definitely not feeling that way now.

Nothing terribly exciting for the weekend, baking cookies and wrapping some stuff up around the house. I want to get a few times to the gym in. Once tonight, and once either Saturday or Sunday, haven't decided which yet. With tonight and one other day, I will be at 5 of the 18 times that I have set as a goal this month...look at me go.

Anyways, I will update with my menu later on. Until then...Have a healthy day bloggers.

112 oz water 0
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal 2
Subtotal 2
Taco Soup - Quick-added food 4
1 small pear(s) 1
Subtotal 5
1/8 cup Sugar free maple flavor syrup 0.5
7 oz cooked cauliflower 0
1 serving Sara Lee Bread - Food I created 1
Apple Pancake 5.5
3/4c Crunch w/ Yogurt 3
Subtotal 10
Ice Cream - Quick-added food 2
Hershey Candy Cane - Quick-added food 1
3/4 cup Crunch Cereal 2
Subtotal 5
Food POINTS values total used 22
Food POINTS values remaining 0
20 min jogging 3
Activity POINTS values earned 3


Fatinah said...

I just came back from the mall - I was running errands - and I walked to the food court. What made me buy a non-fat, 1/2 sweet, no-whip hot chocolate instead of a burrito platter from Taco Time? Your blog and me remembering I wanted to win. So thank you. You're getting healthy AND changing lives!

noelle said...

mmmm...taco time. I loved that place as a kid!

Like law student blogged yesterday, the battle with ourselves and in our minds is HUGE! That's where my issues with food all begin and end, in my own mind.

Thanks for the great posts yesterday and today.

Kathy said...

Isn't it amazing to be on-plan during the holiday season? If we can do it now, we can do it anytime!

I have faith that when the time comes that you have reached your ideal weight, you will just know it.

eat like a caveman said...

I know exactly what you mean by you being happy with your weight! I've hit many different weighs...145 to my lowest at 95. Now I'm happily at 110 but I always wonder, "hm..what if I lost 3 more pounds?" I know it won't look good AT ALL but I always want to set a goal for myself to do better, do better, do better. Why can't I EVER be satisfied? I think we have this mentality that we're fat when we have our fat when it's TOM, or you haven't gone to the bathroom, or you're just plain BLOATED...we FEEL we're FAT and therefore we're not happy. not true! We're beautiful for who we are...the people we love, the smiles we bring upon others, our company/time for others...and the freedom to express ourselves the way we want to. Be happy that you are nourishing your body and keeping it active. Healthy dopamine! Instead of turning to bad dopamine like drugs, alcohol, etc. Embrace this "journey" and accept it will be a part of you as it is all a part of us (we're human, we're women, we can't help but to deal with it) and ignore it when it tries to bring you down.