Monday, December 3, 2007

Menu 12.3.07

Here's the menu for today. Another OP day. I got #2 of my 18 times to the gym in today, another interval training on the treadmill kicked my butt. Below is the menu for today.

122 oz water 0
1 small apple(s) 1
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal 2
Subtotal 3
Turkey Enchilada Casserole - Quick-added food 4
1 small pear(s) 1
Kashi Crunch w/Yogurt 2
Subtotal 7
7 oz cooked cauliflower 0
4 oz potato(es), baked 2
1 Tbsp Fat-Free Sour Cream 0.5
4 1/2 oz cooked orange roughy 2.5
Marinade - Quick-added food 1
1/2 cup Large Curd Cottage Cheese, Low-Fat 2% Milkfat 2
1 item Country White Bagel 1
Subtotal 9
Hersheys Candy Cane - Quick-added food 1
1 bag 100 calorie pop kettle corn, popped 2
Subtotal 3
Food POINTS values total used 22
Food POINTS values remaining 0
20 min jogging 3
Activity POINTS values earned 3


Kathy said...

I read your plan for the rest of the year yesterday and it looks great...and doable.
I'm always impressed with your choices and trying to guess what you're eating with she eating that cereal on top of the yogurt...mixing the cauliflower with the potato???

noelle said...

i totally chug the water in the morning too. it seems if i do that, it goes down easy all day.

i want to see that turkey enchilada casserole recipe. that sounds yummy. i'm a little mexican food challenged, but I bet I could do that!