Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday Baking

God it's hard to bake for the holidays without tasting. I did pretty well today, if I must say so myself. I made about 20 dozen cookies, and I for all of the snickerdoodles I made, I managed to not even lick my fingers once. It was a different story once they were baked and laying around, I indulged in a few, probably a few more than I should have perhaps, but I did count them. I also did pretty good with some of the peanut butter cookies I made. I only tried half of a small one, and did pretty well staying out of the dough. So I would say overall I did good.

That being said, I'm not expecting a good weigh in. I did well this week, and I did well today, but I've slacked on my water for two days (today only had about 32 ounces), it's the normal TOM gain week, and I know I gained something from turkey day last week, soooo, that being said, I'm expecting a couple pound gain, at least I am prepared for it.

That being said, I'm laying out three goals for the week:

1. Get to the gym 4 times in 7 days.
2. I've got more cookies to bake...stay out of the cookies and the dough!
3. Stay OP all week, and try not to use any flexies.

Alrighty, I'm up late, and I'm whooped. But I will report my weigh in in thr morning, even though it will be with my head hanging low I'm sure.

Be healthy my blogging friends.


Anonymous said...

wow, baking would be sooo dangerous for me... i'd have to sample everything! good luck sticking with your goals next week!

Kathy said...

You could chew gum or if you are really serious...I've done this...put a Cepacol or Vick's cough drop in your totally destroys the taste of anything you eat afterward. Or promise yourself a reward for not tasting a single cookie.

noelle said...

Baking is hard. I usually let myslef have one cookie once it's all done. But it is really hard to not lick your fingers all the time. And being in the kitchen just makes me want to eat something else!

I'm making spritz cookies this afternoon. Wish me luck with that one!