Thursday, December 13, 2007


"I have failed many times, that's why I'm a success"
~Michael Jordan

So very true! Don't we really only learn through failure? When we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try try again, isn't that when we learn how to be a success? I know I am that way! None of us learned to ride a bike without training wheels without falling over, or hitting the tree at the end of the driveway! But we tried it again, and eventually, we learned to do it. Same thing goes with changing the way we live. I've learned alot of things. Such as the old "oh I can keep a trigger food in the house and eat controlled portions of it" NO, NO I can't. I've learned that, after I don't how many times of failing with trying to eat a controlled portion. Or the "oh I can keep the weight off without keeping track of what I eat!", I learned I can't. And in the end, these failures are what will set me up to keep the weight off in the long run. I've tried things, and sure enough I've failed at them, but it just makes success, winning the battle, so much more satisfying.

Moral of the story, we will all hit road blocks in our journey, but pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and enjoy the success you deserve!

I'm feeling a bit better today. I still don't feel wonderful, but I feel better at least. I think I am going to attempt to make it to the gym tonight. I don't want to get out of the habit of going, because that is always when I get out of the habit of going, when I miss once or twice. So I'm going to push through the workout tonight and get it done.

Nothing exciting planned for dinner tonight. The roommate is out of town from this afternoon through Sunday or Monday, so I'm gonna hit the gym, and then have some leftovers or a sandwich and enjoy a quiet house! Although the house really is never quiet these days with a black fur ball running around, and a 70lbs Golden Retriever chasing it. But it keeps my life exciting, and I'm enjoying it :)

Things with the new kitty are going pretty well. We were having some bathroom issues the first couple nights, but last night we did ok (I think, if he didn't I haven't found it yet!). I'm really hoping he will get the hang of the litter box soon.

I might have a date this weekend, that I am very excited about....The Prospect looks promising!

Other than that, nothing terribly exciting for today, but I will post with my menu later (I know, I know, the highlight of everyone's day!). But until then, everyone stay healthy!

120 oz water 0
1 medium pear(s) 1
Oatmeal w/Protien Powder 2
Subtotal 3
Black Bean Chicken Casserole - Quick-added food 4
1 small apple(s) 1
3/4c Crunch w/ Yogurt 3
Subtotal 8
10 1/2 oz frozen cauliflower 0.5
1 serving Sara Lee Bread - Food I created 1
Lunchmeat - Quick-added food 1
5 oz potato(es), baked 2
1 Tbsp Fat-Free Sour Cream 0.5
Fib One Go Lean w/Milk 3
Subtotal 8
Dum Dums - Quick-added food 1
WW Ice Cream - Quick-added food 2
Subtotal 3
Food POINTS values total used 22
Food POINTS values remaining 0


Lyn said...

Yep agree with this one also. There is no failing especially when trying to lose weight! I read somewhere once that success is picking yourself up one more time than falling over!!! Similar to your quote and so true!!!

Melanie said...

Great post! You nailed it! I haven't skied in 3 years or so. I used to put in over 100 days a year. I worked as a ski instructor through college! After getting paid to ski I find it very tough to pay to go skiing and Michigan's skiing doesn't look to impressive after skiing the Sierra's. Do you ski?

Caroline said...

Hi Kate! My name is Caroline and I linked to your site through someone else's - can' remember whose now! I'm 25 living in NC and in my 3rd year of law school trying to lose some weight. Just wanted to say I'm right with you on your post. I swore up and down that I would not measure everything I eat, but I have definitely learned that I have to! Anyway, good job going to the gym tonight!

Kathy said...

I agree that anyone who can keep trigger foods within reach and ignore them has my deepest respect...I can't and I won't pretend otherwise. If a food gets the better of me more than once, I give it the heave-ho...out the door...down the drain...into a donation box...whatever it takes!