Monday, December 17, 2007

Bent out of Shape

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

- Anon

Going to be a short post tonight, since I was so busy at work today I didn't have the chance to write a quality one. Keep in mind the quote above when everyone is dealing with the holiday season the next couple weeks with our eating plans. Remember, we can stay on track, while be flexible with our eating plans, and enjoying the holiday!

I made it to the gym tonight for #9 of 18 workouts for the month, so I'm half done. I almost didn't go because I've been fighting this ick feeling, but I pushed through and went, and I'm glad I did.

Eating has been great, I'm staying within my points, and I drank a good amount of water today. For some reason I got this hankering this weekend for a boston cooler (aka a vernors with ice cream float, or for you non-yankee's...a ginger ale). So tonight I made myself one with diet vernors and 3/4 cup of Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream, and boy did it taste great....and all for two points. So yummy.

Anyways, here is the menu for today. I hope everyone is enjoying their moderation ;)

112 oz water 0
5 oz pineapple 1
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal 2
Subtotal 3
Southwest Turkey Tenderolin Stew - 4
1 small apple(s) 1
Kashi Crunch w/Yogurt 2
Subtotal 7
6 1/4 oz broccoli 0
Garlic Parsley Spaghetti - Quick-added food 5
1/2 cup Low-Fat 2% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese 2
1 medium apple(s) 1
1 item Country White Bagel 1
Subtotal 9
Candy Cane - Quick-added food 1
fat free ice cream - Quick-added food 2
Subtotal 3
Food POINTS values total used 22
Food POINTS values remaining 0
20 min jogging 3
Activity POINTS values earned 3


Law student said...

Haha I love the quote!

Wow good job on going to the gym. . .that's hard to do especially over the holidays.

Kathy said...

One of my favorite "drinks" is Vernors with a tablespoon of cream floated on top and sprinkled with nutmeg...I guess it could be imitated in a lighter fashion with a little point-friendly vanilla ice cream...hmmm!

noelle said...

my hubby loves vernor's too. we usually have some diet vernor's around. i'll have to try it!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm I love the pop and ice cream idea. I don't think I've ever had a "float" before. I've always wanted to try one though. Diet Root Beer and low fat ice cream sounds like a good place to start. Thanks for the tip!

Sounds like you have been doing lots of Christmas baking and stay away form it so good for you! Keep it up!