Monday, December 3, 2007

A Chilly Monday.

Well now that I look back, it's been awhile since I've made an actual post at work....whats up with that. Making me work at work, psssh.

So this morning I've been mulling over some new goals. I know it's not the new year yet, and really that's the time to set your new years resolutions, but I think I will just set some goals now, I'm not one for resolutions regardless.

As of January 5th, I will have been on weight watchers (with the 1.5 months off), for a year. I can't believe it's been a year. When I started weight watchers, I didn't feel like I was fat, or that I was out of control, it was more like, well hell, it's something I will try. And it ended up being something i could stick with, and something I pretty much have stuck with. At this current time, I'll 11lbs lighter than I was when I started under a year ago. I'm very happy with that. I'm hoping to lose a little more by the time I get to the year mark.

So here are some goals for the next couple months.

1. For the rest of December '07, I would like to lose 5lbs. That gives me 4 weeks which to do it in, and I think that is a reasonable goal, even with a couple "planned days off" in there.
2. Get to the gym 18 times this month. I have one down 17 more times!
3. Stay On Plan, except for the days I am planning off, which is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Even on the days off, eat sensible, it's not my last meal ever, just remember that.
4. Keep Munching, nibbles, tastes, ect to a bare minimum, these things add up.
5. Have fun and enjoy the holidays.

So theres the goals through December. I have also decided I would like to be at my WW goal weight by March 2nd Weigh In. My older brother is getting married March 7th, and I'm in the wedding, so it would be nice to be at my goal my then. It's totally doable, as it 11.6 lbs from my last weigh in weight, and I have 13 weeks to do it in, which is under a pound a week. So there, I said, that's my goal.

Also, I updated my ticker to my original start weight, and to reflect my personal goal of 142. And a little update to the page for the holiday season. new ticker, new colors....just a world of new.

Other than that, not much new here. Tonight I'm going to hit the gym, come home make some dinner, and I MIGHT start putting the tree up, but I'm not promising that ;)

Menu will be posted tonight. I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy day. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Good Enough 2 Eat said...

I found your blog through "Moving Out"'s blog and really like your goals! I may plan to do something similiar to that. Thanks for the inspiration!

noelle said...

nice attainable goals for a new you.

i'll let you know when I get that protein excited to get a package in the mail! :o)

Law student said...

I like your goals. I should do something similar.