Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a great weekend! To start it off when I got home on Friday I went out skating for about 40 minutes, then I prepared myself some dinner, enjoyed my quiet house (and quiet time!) and then headed to Mejier to get my groceries for the week.

Saturday morning I allowed myself to sleep in (because how often do I not have someone else in the house to wake me up, right?), I managed to sleep til 830, which is a victory in itself! After I got up, I had coffee and breakfast and despite the weather looking like rain, I decided to take the dog for a nice hike. So we his the Waterloo State Recreation Area trails, and hiked about 5.5 miles in 90 minutes. It was a great workout, and both the dog and I were exhausted when we got home. So needless to say, that required lunch and some lounging on the couch.

Sunday, I decided I was going to go Mountain Biking, until I realized I had a flat tire. But I didn't let this deter me in the mindset that I was going to get some activity in. So I went skating instead for another 45 minutes. Just kinda hung out the rest of the day, did housework, made myself dinner and took the dog on a 20 minute walk. Nothing to exciting.

So needless to say, a great weekend, and totally on plan, with activity! yay! Unfortunately the scale is up as of this morning, but that was to be expected due to TOM, so I'm not going to get all pissy about it.

I had a NSV of sorts again the other night. Well two actually. First one, I was standing there when I got out of the shower the other night, and for some reason I realized that my arms are looking really thin! I never really thought of them as "fat" but I always had bigger upper arms, you know the kind that couldn't fit into those cute little shirts without being tight around my bicep (I have a real athletic build). And I noticed they were looking rather slim, I was quite pleased! Also another one of sorts, the new jeans I bought the other day, I noticed that now that I "broke" them in a bit, they are actually kinda big, I'm thinking I should've bought the smaller size! Awesome!

Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful and healthy weekend! We are finally suppose to get some rain around here the next couple days, which is sure to happen since I spent Saturday night washing my truck! But we really need it, and so does my garden!


Fatinah said...

yikes - what a great weekend! way to go!!

CaRoLyN said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend and you stayed OP all weekend! Good for you!! Getting in activity on the weekend can be hard because it is so hectic so pat yourself on the back. sounds like you got tons of activity in! hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet all weekend!

Kathy said...

I am just sitting here smiling from ear to ear...I couldn't be happier for anyone. Amazing amount of activity...and the best part is it doesn't sound like seem to be really enjoying life. Good for you.

Lyn said...

Wow what an absolutely amazing post!! That weekend would be a perfect weekend for me!! Love hiking and miss it so much (can't do it so much since broken ankle). And don't you love those moments where you suddenly notice you are slimmer ... yayya!!! BTW whats NSV?

2L said...

830 is sleeping in? PM right? haha.

Congrats on the NSV! I wish my arms were looking smaller. Hope you get the rain that you want soon. . .maybe we are finally trading the weather as I'm seeing some sun here in the UK.

WeightBGone said...

You had a fantastic week with lots of exercise kudos to you!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, it does sound like an amazing amount of healthy activity. (And it all sounds like fun except for the housework!)

I too, am curious about the NSV, being way behind on current terminology. Context makes it clear but the words... just can't figure 'em out!