Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Well Wednesday is finally here, yay! I like Wednesdays because my week is half over at this point. This weeks seems to be incredibly long, just because I only worked two days last week. Plus we've been slow here at work, so when we are slow I end up getting bored and staring at the clock, it makes for a long day. Plus, on top of that, I'm having another allergy test to find out what's been causing me so many problems, and that requires me to be completely off any allergy meds for a full week, so needless to say, I'm miserable allergies wise. Don't realize how much the meds help until I don't have them. The next week ought to be fun.

Other than that, the weather is cooler today! Finally. My computer says it's 68 out right now. I don't think our lows the last couple night have been in the 60's. I wish I was going to be around tonight, I could get out for a skate, or a walk with the dog.

So the Challenge started today that I am going to participate in through October, I'm excited, hopefully it will give me the boost that I need to get to goal. I think I am going to try to get out and mountain bike or hike once a week as part of a "challenge" to myself. Both are awesome workouts, and it will help me get to goal faster. I feel so close to goal, yet so far away.

I totally had a NSV that I forgot to tell everyone about last post. Sunday I decided that I really needed to go jean shopping. It's to the point where my jeans are even just baggy anymore, they are falling off my ass. And my capri's that I wore out (that were a 32 waist), quite literally were falling down, so I went into the jean store to buy some jeans, and I actually fit into a size 8 (28 waist) jeans. Of course I didn't buy them, because I'm not a fan of wearing my pants like they are suppose to fit, but prefer them a little big (I've always been this way, it's the tomboy in me!). So I bought the 30 waist pants, but it was totally a NSV to even be able to fit into the 28's, I've never been an 8, even in HS. But it's encouraging, because I know once I lose this last 10lbs I will probably fit into a size 8 the way I will like to, and I'll be able to squeeze into a 6...which is just crazy to think....bye bye to those 14's forever!

Other than that everything is going good. Been OP, the scale is behaving itself, and I'm feeling pretty motivated...all great things! Plus on top of that I have the house to myself until Sunday when my roommate gets back....I totally enjoy a house to myself!

Anyways, have a great healthy and happy day everyone!


jodi said...

congrats on the NSV! i don't think i've ever fit into a size 8 but would be happy if i did (someday)... are you doing kim's challenge? i'll be captain for one of the teams so maybe you'll be on mine... i think it will be a lot of fun! o)

Homemaker said...

Looks like we have about the same stats. I started at 166.9 and my WW goal is 140. I would like to stay below 140 and when I get above I will take measures to get back down. I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Have fun listening to them. Fun to read your blog.

Fatinah said...

awesome job on the NSV - and I'm totally gonna kick your butt in the challenge! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Kathy said...

You know how much I love my alone time...enjoy yourself! And size 8...fantastic! You'll be at goal before you know it!

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on the NSV!! Good for you!! Size 28!!!!! Yikes!!! That is tiny!
There is nothing better than finding a great pair of jeans!
Good luck on the challenge, I know you will do GREAT!
& enjoy the house to yourslef....It's so relaxing...although that's when you end up doing the most work!

noelle said...

CONGRATS on that NSV. That is so great!