Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's been awhile...

I don't know why, but I haven't been in much of a "blogging" mood the last couple days, hence my disappearance. Usually when people disappear it's because they've fallen off the wagon or something similar, but fear not, I'm still on plan, totally.

Of course the scale is up a little since it's that time, and the scale is always up, so I'm not really going to sweat it much. This weigh in tomorrow doesn't really count in my eyes, because what I gain is just water weight, not a true gain.

I have eaten a few of my flexies this week, I've been hungry, so I ate them, thats what they are there for right?

I've noticed something as of lately, and I don't know why I just noticed it, because it's been going on for sometime now. I think Weight Watchers has made me very anal retentive. I know this sounds funny, but it's true!

I'm so particular now about when I eat. It's like on the dot with times, and I try to schedule myself around my eating, or make sure that I have food with me when that time comes. My body is programmed, it's hungry at these times, so I must eat. I was also getting really out of control with cutting up and weighing my fruit. Like I would eat exactly 6 ounces of Apple, because that was one point. Luckily, in order to keep sanity, I decided that I would just count fruit as 1 point. If I eat an Apple it's a point, regardless if it's 3 ounces or 7 ounces. No one got fat eating an extra ounce of fruit.

But I've noticed not even just with food, I'm just very systematic about the way I do things now. When I get dinner ready at night, I know what time I have to start everything so dinner is ready about 715 when my roommate gets home from school. I know which things I have to start at which times.

I plan out our meals 6 weeks in advance, and have one large shopping trip which I get everything canned or that can be frozen, and then I have fresh lists for each week.....yes I'm a freak. But you know, with a little bit of organizing, I have healthy meals planned all the time.

Of course there are many other things which leads me to believe Weight Watchers had brought out the touch of obsessive compulsive that I might have always had (I've always been a little crazy about organizing). Does anyone else notice anything like that?

On another note my garden is producing like crazy, I picked 12 cucumbers on Monday, and I've eaten a bunch of yummy! I'm waiting for my tomatoes and peppers to really let go. I'm sure they will after we get some of the rain that seems to be eluding us.

Anwyays, I hope everyone is having a splendid and healthy day, weigh in tomorrow!


CaRoLyN said...

I know exactly what you mean about your body being programmed. After I started WW I just got into a routine and ate when I felt I should but now it's like my body knows down to the exact minute when my snack is coming. Everyday I have fruit at 10:00 and a fruit at 3:00. I can tell when it is almost snack time because at 9:55 my stomach will start to grumble a little. It's amazing how your body reacts to a healthy lifestyle!
A fresh garden must be so nice! enjoy it while it lasts!

Kathy said...

You're so're taking time to LISTEN to what your body is telling you...the actual physical signs of hunger. I don't know about you, but I never experienced true hunger because I was always eating for other reasons. And when you see how well being orderly about your meal plans works, you just kinda want that lack of "randomness" in the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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BB said...

Yes, I think we all get that way about points--but it's a new habit we're learning & a good habit. I'm jealous of your garden-sounds wonderful :)

WeightBGone said...

I understand exactly what you are saying because I am the same way. Good job listening to your body and learning true hunger signals. It helps control the mindless eating we so often do. My garden is blooming like crazy too. I am getting lots of green beans and had my first two tomatoes from it this week. Nothing taste better than home grown veggies. :)