Friday, July 20, 2007

Weigh In

Gained 1.8lbs. I'm not upset about it cause I normally gain between 1 and 2 this time of month. So I'm okay with it.

This weekend is going to be gorgeous here in Michigan (then the heat will take over next week, yuck!). I'm planning to get in a nice long hike tomorrow with the dog, although I haven't decided where. Also, I think I am going to bake up multiple loaves of zucchini bread to give to people, and also to freeze. I'm going to try a Weight Watchers-friendly loaf with Splenda, Egg Beaters and Applesauce, we'll see how that comes out, if the recipe is good, I'll post it. I'm using my grandmas recipe, which is just the best, yum!

Other than that, no real plans, just some relaxing. I hope everyone has a great, healthy and happy weekend!


Melanie said...

We had about 15 minutes of chaos here. Lots of crazy wind and rain. I have to replant some of my marigold today since they got beat up so bad! All of my neighbors are still out of power...I'm hearing their generators going, but our powerlines are all underground since we are a newer house and I feel so guilty!!! This happened to us last winter when we had that crazy ice storm. We had power and the neighbors were out for 4-5 days!

Do you ever come over to Kensington? If you do we should meet up and take the dogs.

Glad to hear that you aren't upset about the gain...those things happen and think of the loss you will have next week!! That is what I'm talking about!! Have a great weekend...we are off to the Summer Fest in Brighton!

Blonde Chick said...

Keep your chin up! Stick with the plan. Weight Watchers DOES work!

Homemaker said...

Way to keep everything in perspective. No reason to get down on yourself for a gain at this time of the month.

Let me know how your bread turns out. Our garden os out of control and I think we will have a lot of vegetables that I need to do something with. The problem is that quick breads often times have as much sugar and fat as cake.

Lyn said...

That is a great attitude you have! I know I always gain at TTOM but it still gets to me everytime. Good thing is I usually have a fantastic loss next week after. Happened again this month. ya'd think I'd learn eventually!