Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weigh In

Well, I gained 1.2 pounds this week. Not a big deal. I was expecting it. If you take the 5.2 pounds, I lost, and even minus off this, for a loss of 4 pounds in 3 weeks, I'm still above my average weight loss of 1.2 pounds a week. So how can I be upset?

Fortunately, I'm still in the 140's ;) Unfortunately, next week is TOM, so I'll be back in those pesky 150's for weigh in, BLAH. But at least I know thats not a real gain.

So, anyways, I was off work on Friday, and I enjoyed my day off, got some stuff done around the house.

I managed to stay OP all weekend, yesterday was really hard though, I was having one of those crazy munchie days, and I could've very easily eaten everything in the house, but I didn't, so I'll count that as a little NSV of its own!

For this week? My goal is to have the perfect week (even though I won't see a loss, bah!). My perfect week will consist of.

Activity everyday. (Sunday,Tuesday, Thursday Gym, Walks with the Dog Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).
Get all my 8 GHG's in everyday (which I haven't been having a problem with)
No sneaking extra bites, tastes, licks, spoonfuls and that type of stuff.
Be conscious of zero point foods. After I've had 5, they count as a point.

Alright, so there is the "perfect week" plan. I can do it. I know it.

Have great sundays!


Fatinah said...

4 lbs in 3 weeks....that is so great. AND still in the 140's. Brat!!!!!

Good luck with your perfect week, if anyone can do it, it's you!

Tina said...

All those sports! I'm amazed you even think about weight. I'm active in sports, too, but beer is my downfall. I should start a watch like yours.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good on ya for the positive overall outlook. It's easy to get distracted by the fluctuations.

Christina said...

way to stay positive, I am with you oin this week's perfection. We can do it :)