Monday, May 12, 2008

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.
-- John F. Kennedy

Thanks so much for all the nice comments on my "Bad Day" post yesterday. I know we all have them, and it's nice to know there is people who understand the feeling too! So thank you! I could've easily skipped posting that I had a bad day yesterday, but as much as I love posting the good things, I know that I have to post the bad also, to keep it real!

I still feel kinda crappy today. My guess is my body is just processing the junk I ate still. Since it really didn't get much "nutrition" yesterday. But the day is one of those dreary days out, so I'm sure that isn't making matters any better, plus after my eat fest, I didn't feel that great, and slept like crap!

But I will be hitting the gym today when I get off work, for what should be a good run. And today has been a good and OP day. And I don't see that changing.

I'm hoping with a little extra activity points this week I can make the gain from the weekend minimal, I'm planning on getting in three gym days, at least two walks with the dog, maybe a bike ride or two, and if the weather holds up, my first mountain bike ride of the year. Also I am going to start an abdominals routine this week, and I'm going to try pilates at home. So lots and lots of activity. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the gain is minimal.

Other than that, nothing really new and exciting. The weekend was great. Saturday I go in oodles of activity. I walked the dog, Biked 5 miles, Rollerbladed 3 miles. I got alot of little things done around the house yesterday that I had been putting off, because the weather was nice. Since yesterday was gross (cold and rainy) it gave me time inside to be lazy and get stuff done (and eat apparently!). I marinated a bunch of chicken, and cooked it on the grill for the family for mothers day and we had a healthy dinner (great for mom!), and I made her her favorite banana cake (and this was where my eating issues started lol).

Overall though, the weekend as a whole was good! I hope everyone elses weekends were good, and that they were OP!

Stay healthy and happy everyone!


Christina said...

you are soooo right, today is a new day. Always on a Monday of a new week :)

fatbastard said...

We owe it to ourselves to have a Mardi Gras every once in a while, so don't fret. Enjoy! And then get back to it.

Steph said...

I love the way that you can have an "off" day and pick right back up! Girl you have an iron will and you are doing awesome. Don't sweat 1 eat happens. The important thing is that you jump right back up and hit it hard!


Christina said...

I love your goals posted on your are so close to goal. Yipeee!

Erica Young said...

Hey came upon your blog and saw you live in MI, so do I. I'm on WW also. Just thought I would introduce myself and hope we can keep each other motivated.