Friday, May 9, 2008

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live!"
-Jim Rohn

Let me start by thanking you for all your nice comments and suggestions regarding my Mom. I really appreciate others opinions, and means more than you know. It's surprising to me how many of you have dealt with similar situations yourselves.

Here is what I've done so far. As most of you suggest, I am taking the "keep quiet" approach. If she asks me something, or asks for a suggestion, I offer it. I did take it upon myself to bring her and my dad in leftovers twice this week, so they would have something healthy to eat for dinner that night, one night they ate them, the other night they went out to eat instead. But at least I had them better that one night. I've also bought her a couple snacks, and offered suggestions of what I like to eat. I brought her in a Fiber One Bar, and she liked that well. Today someone brought doughnuts into work (and the good ones at that) and I asked her if she had resisted them, and she said she did. I gave her a high five and said way to go!

Now, she told me earlier in the week she wanted me to make her her mom's banana cake for mother's day. So I asked her today if she wanted me to still, and she said yes. But I suppose it's mother's day, and rome wasn't built in a day right?

Other than the mom situation, there isn't much new.

I've been OP and kicking some butt if I must say so myself. Now this week, I have gotten alot of activity points, and I haven eaten a few (which is a rarity for me) but, I have been tracking everything. So I think in general I'm eating less, if that makes any freaking sense. I have been tracking all those zero point foods that I kinda stopped tracking, and even the veggies are counting as zeros.

So what have I done for activity this week:
Monday- walked Duke for 20 minutes.
Tuesday- Treadmill, intervals, 30 minutes
Wednesday- walked Duke for 20 minutes and rode my bike 3.1 miles (in the rain even!)
Thursday- Treadmill, intervals, 30 minutes
Friday-? I'm thinking maybe a bike ride and a walk for duke. We will see.

So that's been my week, pretty happy with it if I must say so myself. Only bummer is I won't see a loss this week even a pesky gain due to TOM.

But another week of this, and I can imagine I will see a very nice loss on the 18th! I can't wait!

I hope everyone will have wonderful (and OP) weekends! Don't forget to honor those great Mom's we have!

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