Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Fortune favors the brave"
~Publius Terence

Happy Memorial Day one day late to everyone!

Well lets see here, my weekend went pretty well. I managed to get alot of running around done on Saturday, and it was a very pretty day outside, so I managed to get a nice long walk in with Duke. I typically try to keep my Saturday's relatively easy on the exercise front. Sunday I weighed in, and was ecstatic, hit the gym for 30 minutes on the treadmill, came home, got some chicken marinating for dinner on Monday, and then headed off to my first tigers game. That could have went better, as we lost in the bottom of the 8th when the Twins hit a grand slam...bummer! The rest of the day was uneventful, but did take Duke out for a walk.

Yesterday, I got up, and the weather was looking to be sketchy all day according to the forecast, but at the time, it didn't look bad, so I went out for a nice long bike ride, which I ended up doing about 8.5 miles in roughly 40 minutes. Nice good workout. Then did some running around, and chores around the house. Took Duke on a Walk over to the park and played fetch for a bit, then headed over to my parents for dinner. We had grilled chicken, corn, some honey wheat rolls and salad. I let feeling satisfied, but not stuffed. Got home and tracked it all, and ended up swapping 1 activity point for a snack later on. Not bad for Memorial Day if you ask me!

I'm really hoping that Sunday I can at least maintain the 4lbs I lost last weekend, I'm not asking for a loss just a maintain. My body typical rebounds with a gain after a loss like that. So I'm just hoping to maintain. But It's ok if it's a gain, I can handle it.

I think I've decided my goal present to myself is going to be a new pair of "earbud" earphones for my ipod. I've just had the standard ones that have come with it, and I would really like a new, comfortable set. Plus I use the ipod like crazy on all my workouts, so I figure that is a proactive present to myself! So I will buy them in a couple weeks when I know this for real (I sound skeptical don't I?).

Well that's it for today, but from reading everyone's blogs it sounds like everyone had pretty successful and OP weekends, which is great! Keep up the great work!

Hopefully I will get around to a May Wrap up, June Goals post by Thursday or Friday!


Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm not asking for a loss just a maintain

We've all made this prayer to the weightloss gods before...

Caroline said...

well you know better than anyone that a 4 lb loss in one week is HUGE. But the important thing is that it shows you that you did it! Even if you're back up a little this week, you hit goal, and a gain can't take that away from you :)

Fatinah said...

new ear phones is a great goal gift - especially since you use the iPod so much!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the maintain front - you can do it Duffy Moon!!